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Zenscan Temperature Scanner with Built-in Facial Recognition

Zenscan Temperature Scanner

Zenscan Temperature Scanner with Built-in Facial Recognition

At some point everyone was going to have to start going back to work; it was inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over or that everything can go back to the way it once was. It has become incredibly important to find new ways to make your workplace safe by innovating and trying new technology. 

If your business has already or is getting ready to open back up, you are probably trying to figure out the best and safest way to tackle the challenge of returning to the workplace. 

The Importance of a Touchless Experience in the Workplace

While states have started opening back up, the pandemic still seems to be far from over. A touchless attendance system is a simple step that will let your employees check-in without fear. 

? Cleanliness

While cleaning communal areas can be a great way to reduce an employee’s risk, some areas that are heavily used are simply hard to consistently keep clean. This is why, if possible, it is best to eliminate as many contact points as you can.

With the CDC recommending checking employees’ and visitors’ temperatures, it has become more important than ever to do this without contact.

Having an employee have to manually take someone’s temperature by getting close to them both expend manpower and puts the employee at risk by having to get near to everyone’s faces.

If you are able to take someone’s temperature remotely, the risk for all involved in the process will be decreased while still adhering to CDC recommendations.

Eliminating the touch component of taking someone’s temperature is an important piece of helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

? Efficiency

With a touchless workspace, there will no longer be the hassle of trying to swipe in or out or waiting in a line to get your temperature taken. Going touchless will also eliminate the confusion and trouble of employees not being able to swipe in because they forgot an ID card or password.

Introducing Zenscan Temperature Scanner with Built-in Facial Recognition

Taking your employees and visitors’ temperature has become a necessary addition to a business. Luckily, Fidentity’s new product Zenscan will allow you to safely access employees and visitors. 

Features of Zenscan Device

Let’s have a look at the useful features of Fidentity’s new hardware device Zenscan.

? COVID-19 Compliance

The device is compliant with the CDC guidelines and will help you adhere to CDC regulations. The CDC currently recommends that employers “take employee’s temperature and assess symptoms prior to their starting work.”  

? Artificial Intelligence Enabled

Zenscan is powered by A.I. technology making the interface intuitive and accurate in facial recognition, face mask detection, and temperature scanning.

? Built-in Facial Recognition

The Zenscan hardware system comes equipped with facial recognition that draws from whatever database of photos you attach to it.

? Temperature Scanner

Not only can your face be scanned, but you can also have your temperature assessed in the same sequence. This close contact makes everyone involved safer.

? Face mask Detection

The system can detect whether the person wanting to enter your place of business has a face mask. This will make sure that everyone in your place of business is adhering to both CDC guidelines and your company’s policies.

The Zenscan system can also detect and recognize someone’s face without them having to take off their mask.

? Touchless Attendance Management

Zenscan connects to your attendance system and automatically clocks employees in and out as they go through the scanner.

How does the Zenscan device work?

Where do I want it?

The first step is to decide how you want it to be installed. The system is a tablet with a camera on top and can be installed in two different ways. You can either mount the system as a more permanent fixture to your wall, or you can use a moveable ground stand.

Who is it?

As those who want to enter the building approach their face will be scanned. The system will then go to the database of photos and determine whether the individual is either an employee in the database or a temporary visitor. If the person is an employee, the system will clock them in for the day.

Too hot, too cold, or just right?

After the facial scan, an individual will have their temperature taken. If their temperature is normal and they are authorized personnel they will be allowed entrance to the building. If not, the designated individual will be alerted and a manual re-inspection can be done outside of the building. 

The Perfect Combination of Zenscan and Fidentity

Zenscan was made to link up with Fidentity and they work in tandem to provide you with a more efficient workplace. Zenscan talks to Fidentity as people scan in allowing them to be clocked in for the day. Fidentity then takes these timestamps and will tell you how much each individual worked over your pay periods and how much they earned. 


Zenscan works with Fidentity to help provide an easier and safer experience for employees and customers as everyone begins to venture out into the world once again. Even once the pandemic ends and the public can go outside without face masks, a system like Zenscan will continue to be useful and increase your workplace’s efficiency flow. 

Now that you know the basics of Zenscan, it’s time to try it for yourself and look at how the Zenscan and Fidentity system work in a more interactive way. Schedule a demo with a Fidentity representative with this link and see what it’s all about for yourself.