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7 Reasons Why Visitor Management Systems Are Important In 2021

7 Reasons Why Visitor Management Systems Are Important In 2021

As businesses are shifting their focus from traditional VMS to modern, touchless visitor management systems, there’s a need to understand the importance & benefits of a VMS at the workplace.

There is no denying that the workplace scenario has changed forever (and in some regards, for the best). 

Some companies have introduced work from home provisions for an indefinite period to support their employees. Some companies have switched to digital workspaces to operate remotely to save cost on infrastructural management. And some companies are not ready to reopen just yet and rightfully so. Maybe we are not there yet.

With a vaccine on the horizon, there’s very little for us to do but wait and hope for the best. 

While this is easy to say, it’s not so easy to follow. 

We have all been locked up in our homes for way too long, and it’s starting to have negative effects on our lifestyle and mental health

If you’re an employer, you just know how agonizing it is to just put your operations on hold for such a long time. 

But thankfully, there’s some hope.

The recent market research reports suggest that businesses are investing in visitor and employee management systems in 2020-2021. With the rise of security breach issues and safety concerns at the workplace, businesses around the world are finding it worthy to invest in reliable visitor management solutions.

The report also projects that the demand for VMS is likely to increase by at least 13% per year until 2025.

This little piece of data helps us understand that it’s not just you, but every business owner out there feels that there is a necessity to look beyond the horizon and be prepared for the worst. 

A VMS may be the answer to some of the most challenging scenarios that businesses have come across in light of the covid-19 global pandemic. 

And the number one obstacle? Human touch. 

So, let’s understand the kind of impact a visitor management system has on the workplace security front, and how it boosts organizational productivity. 

7 Reasons Why Visitor Management Systems Are Essential In 2021

Enhances Workplace Safety & Security

A reliable visitor management system like Fidentity comes with touchless and contactless check-in and check-out features, removing human touch from the picture. Further, features like touchless body temperature screening and safety mask detection, visitor management software may be the only way forward.

Streamlines Visitor Management Process

Meetings, conferences, interviews, and other events that need personal interactions can be scheduled for a certain date so that you can proceed with these social events without worrying about event overlaps and virus contraction. 

Further, any uninvited visitor can be evaluated and screened for safety before being allowed entry into the premises.

Improves The Visitor Check-In Experience

Visitor management systems have come a long way in terms of their visibility and footprint. Many VMS solutions now offer a virtually invisible security system, which screens, identifies, and logs the data of every visitor, allowing businesses to provide a hassle-free check-in experience.

A security system that is powered by AI and cloud technology further takes the burden off your security personnel. 

Keeps A Record Of Visitors

A smart VMS records the details of every visitor that checks into the building. Right from recording their face ID to storing the data on the cloud for future reference, a modern VMS is every business owner’s best bet on enhanced security and better management of visitor operations. 

Improves Employee Productivity

A VMS is not restricted to just your visitors. Employees can easily check into the building without worrying about contracting the virus. Older VMS solutions required employees to touch the fingerprint scanner for the system to recognize their unique fingerprint ID. 

But with facial and iris recognition systems in place, the human touch is a thing of the past. Employees can protect themselves, save time, and organize their tasks virtually, boosting productivity.

Analyze & Review Visitors Logbook In Real-Time

Businesses can analyze and review the visitor data anytime, thanks to cloud integrations and virtual dashboards that enable real-time data reports. Further, these reports help you review your overall visitor operations and assist in making data-backed decisions to enhance your overall organizational productivity.

Alerts & Assists You During Emergencies 

Visitor management systems now come with SOS features, which alert the enterprise admin in case of fire or natural disasters. Some VMS solutions keep the admin in control of issuing alerts because even though AI is powerful enough to nudge people to evacuate a building, human interference is necessary to avoid false alarms.

Fidentity – A Touchless Visitor Management System

A practical and contactless visitor management system is the need of the hour for every business that observes a lot of human interaction. Nobody can deny this fact. 

Managing your visitor or employee operations should not take away your focus from your priorities. 

This is why a visitor management system like Fidentity is something that you should take time to explore. 

It offers a variety of contactless features and protocols, such as Touchless Facial Recognition, Contactless Body Temperature Screening, Safety Mask Detection, and more which make covid-19 compliance a breeze. 

Further, it can be integrated with tools and platforms, such as Slack, Gmail, Azure, Excel, and more, which make data reporting and interpretation really convenient. 

Learn more about Fidentity here

Even though the fight with the red-spike virus seems unending, a visitor management system seems like a good start for the future of “normalcy”. What do you think?