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Welcome Back To The Safe Workplace With Fidentity Touchless Employee, Visitor, and, Delivery Management Platform.

Leverages Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, Temperature Scan Sensors with Artificial Intelligence to Keep Workplace Safe & Secure.

Touchless Attendance Management System
For Employees To Prevent the Spread of

Facial Recognition, Remote Body Temperature Scan, Health Screening Questions, and Facial Mask Detection to complete a touchless check-in process for your employees.

A World Class Touchless Visitor Management System Securing The Office During Worldwide Pandemic

Fidentity is a cloud-based visitor management system that allows organizations to design a touchless check-in experience for visitors.

The Importance of Implementing a Visitor Management System

Digital Delivery Management That Increases
The Employee Productivity and Safety.

Fidentity Delivery Management for the Office ensuring all aspects of your office is Safe and Secure and also employee will get notification.

The Importance of Implementing a Visitor Management System
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Provides organisations with a touchless attendance check-in process that utilises facial recognition to complete the process. We can effortlessly reduce contact points as employees enter the building, ensuring a safe and secure work environment. 


Cloud-based advanced touch-less Visitor Management System that allows organisations to express their company culture without sacrificing safety and security. Top integrations will make workplace running smoothly with effective custom reports generation.


Our Delivery Management Software enables companies to handle incoming deliveries and delivery notifications with ease. We can automate your package handling process with employee notifications and reminders as well.Users can easily get deliveries after successful validation.

Covid-19 Compliance

Temperature Scanner with Built-in Facial Recognition


Living Face Detection & Recognition
Temperature Screening
10000 Face Library, Voice broadcast
Wall Mount & Ground Installation

What we Offer

The Perfect Solution to Secure Your People, Your Workplace, and Your Visitors.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition feature offers organizations a way to verify who is entering the building during the check-in process. It also allows people to check into a VMS without touching a kiosk.
Touchless Check-In
Touchless Check-in provides a safe and secure way for visitors and employees to complete the check-in process without concerns of coming into contact with an infectious disease.
Temperature Screening
Thermal temperature screening will allow businesses to monitor the temperature of visitors and employees as they enter the building which provides an extra layer of security.
PPE Scanning
Personal Protective Equipment Scanning will allow companies to scan visitors and employees alike to ensure that they are following safety protocol.
Mobile Check-In
Mobile Check-in allows visitors and employees to complete a touchless check-in process by utilizing their own mobile device and scanning a QR code.
Emergency Notifications
Providing an extra layer of security by enabling companies to notify employees when disasters strike with an exit strategy and a way to a safe location.

We Can Help You Navigate Covid-19

Touchless Attendance System

To Keep Workplace Safe & Secure

Our Touchless Attendance System will utilise facial recognition with built in temperature recording sensors to screen and record information from everyone that enters the business. Now we can keep accurate records of visitors and employees both to ensure the business is not compromised from an infectious disease.

Amplify Your Front-Desk

Our self-service software is designed to offer you flexibility of use with either your Android or iOS devices. Fidentity is highly adaptable and customizable so you can offer a personalized experience for your employees and visitors.

We support customizable e-badge based on visitor access requirements.
Capture Photos
Fidentity software allows you capture photos of visitors and store them securely along with other visitor data.
Multisite Management
Fidentity software allows you to manage multiple locations and easy to make reports.
Customizable Features
Fidentity allows you to customize notifications, screening questions, event notifications, and more.
Custom and Live Reports
Fidentity allows you to create custom reports in real-time.
Notifications Management
Host and visitor notifications easy to setup with multiple applications and make visitor flow easy and convenient.

Powerful Delivery Management

New Effective Delivery Management

Delivery feature allows packages to be dropped off without interruptions to employees or the receptionists. Employees can enjoy receiving notifications through our integrated services that let them know that they have had a delivery where they can locate it for pick-up. 

Easy & Secure integrations

Fidentity seamlessly integrates with the apps that you use on a daily basis. Integrate Fidentity to Slack, Google Hangout, Active Directory and more for a streamlined, multi-channel experience without compromising your privacy and security.

We have so many visitors and audience sign in. Fidentity is a great experience for them as it makes them feel unique. The pre-registration feature helps us streamline the security process and minimise confusion.
At TCS, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment. The moment visitors step in through the door, seeing this modern check-in experience powered by Fidentity emphasises that.

Secure Your Workplace With Touchless Employee Attendance + Stay Out of COVID-19 Zone!