AmpliFi Your Front-desk!

Our Self-service software is designed to offer flexibility to use with either your Andriod or iOS devices. Fidentity is highly adaptable and customizable so you can offer a personalized experience for your employees and visitors that will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Badge printing

We support customizable badge printing for your visitors.


The intuitive self-service kiosk allows guests to independently check-in, streamlining your reception process.

Customizable Features

Customize the information you collect from your visitors.

Capture Photos

Fidentity software allows you capture photos of visitors and store them securely along with other visitor data.

Your Brand, Your Theme

Fidentity can be customized to reflect your brand and create a unique first impression for your visitors.

Helping You Do More With Your Front Desk.

Enhance Efficiency

Save your guests and employees time with Pre‐registration and self‐service kiosk option.

Keep Your Workplace Secure

With Fidentity you can keep your employees safe with visitor identification as well as your information safe with NDA.

Your Time Is Precious

Our companies customer support backs our technology to ensure that it functions smoothly for you.

Returning Visitor

Fidentity remembers your returning visitors and provides them with quick sign-in options using just their phone number.

Integrate with Fidentity

Fidentity seamlessly integrates with the apps that you use on a daily basis. Integrate Fidentity to Slack, Google Hangout, Active Directory and more for a streamlined, multi-channel experience without compromising your privacy and security.

Our Platform Adapts To Your Devices.

Fidentity is built with the flexibility of the cloud. Its fluid and responsive framework adapts to different environments. From smartphones, tablets, and desktops our adaptability allows for a flawless experience or any device.

Visitor ID Badges

Fidentity helps format and automatically printsvisitor badges that help you distinguish between employees, a welcome visitor, or an unwelcomed one.

Our support team is here to help you more!

Our support team is here to help you customize and optimize your visitors front-desk experience! While we are offering these essential features of a visitor management system at the moment we are working on launching new ways that will keep you up to date for the possibilities of tomorrow. Upcoming scheduled updates include software such as visitor facial recognition software, and much more!

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