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Fidentity Integrations

We can effectively integrate with applications that are active in your operational ecosystem.

Kisi Access controls will allow customers to control who and when someone can enter the business utilising the visitor management system.

Slack is a popular team communication channel that many organizations like to utilize. Slack integrates effortlessly with Fidentity allowing users to receive host notifications directly through Slack indicating that they have a visitor

Active Directory from Microsoft is a software that allows organizations to utilize the Single Sign-On process. Allowing company employees to use a single login process instead of a time-consuming process of logging into multiple accounts.

A recognizable cloud computing software that many organizations use integrates with Fidentity directly allowing employees to login using the Single Sign-On process. Fidentity’s integration also allows companies to upload their directory directly from Google to enhance the user experience.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration helps manage your employees, allowing you to keep an accurate and secured record of your employees.

With the Eventbrite integration, customers will enjoy a unique check-in experience at events that does not require a manual process and stores all guest information.

Aruba ClearPass integration gives you the ability to automatically provision Wi-Fi passwords when a visitor checks-in. Allowing access to be controlled and configured based on the nature of the visit.

Aerohive, will allow you to track and monitor all data usage, automate password distribution upon check-in, and reduce the time it takes to issue passwords manually.

Cisco integrates effortlessly with Fidentity allowing users to receive notifications directly through Cisco indicating that they have a visitor.

Need more flexibility? Create custom DIY integrations and workflows to meet your needs.

Use webhooks to transfer your important data in real time. By utilising Webhooks you can specifically build an integration that works directly with your own company software.

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