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Make A Fresh Start In 2021 With Fidentity – A Touchless Visitor Management System

Fidentity’s Workplace Reopening Guide

Make A Fresh Start In 2021 With Fidentity – A Touchless Visitor Management System

Give your 2021 a much-needed safety upgrade by switching to a touchless visitor management system and combat the spread of Covid-19.

2021 is the year that everyone has been waiting for. Not because we have planned something big for the year but because it was the end (at least that’s what everyone thought) of a very scary and exhausting chapter of our lives – 2020.

 Individuals and businesses alike were (and still are) affected because of the sudden surge in the Covid-19 cases.  Eventually, the governments around the world advised people to switch to remote work or work from home to avoid contracting the virus.

2020 – The Year Of A Global Pandemic And Health & Safety Concerns

It’s no secret that 2020 has been labeled as one of the worst years of all time (even though that’s not entirely true). With a global pandemic, health and safety concerns on the rise, and limited business activity, 2020 was not the best year – to say the least. 

The Covid-19 global pandemic required businesses to be closed because the virus survives on most surfaces for days. This includes doors, benches, desks, elevator floors, and any other surface that you can think of when you step outside. 

This pushed businesses to close their operations. Some businesses even had to shut down permanently because the economic distress was just too much to take. The contagious nature of the virus was enough to create the panic that we experience to this day. 

Even though the virus is now almost a year old, its nature remains the same (if not worse). So, if you touch a surface that was touched by an individual who tested positive for Corona, chances are that you may get infected too. 

But for how long would businesses be patient? When millions of dollars are at stake, not everything can be handled virtually. And many businesses are tired of operating virtually. Business owners looked for solutions to combat this situation. 

The solution started with minimizing human contact at the workplace. 

You see when you want to go back to the office; you are required to check in with a biometric system that scans your fingerprint and allows you entry into the establishment. 

Now, many people have touched the same scanner before you did and many will do so after you. This completely defies the purpose of a “safe” visitor management system.

The Biggest Change To Visitor Management Systems Due To Covid-19 

What businesses have been looking for, and the biggest change that all visitor management systems have undergone is that they all bid goodbye to the fingerprint scan devices and protocols. 

The biometric systems now scan a person’s iris or face and provide a touchless or contactless check-in and check-out experience. This change means that everyone is doing away with touch-powered VMS for good. 

Visitor Management In A Post-Pandemic Workplace

Many businesses are now switching to smarter visitor management systems that do not only provide a touchless check-in experience but also stack up on safety. 

Smart visitor management systems like Fidentity are offering touchless temperature screening and face mask detection features, which are essential for all-round workplace safety. 

A touchless temperature screening would help businesses identify an individual who is carrying the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus and diagnose the issue more effectively. 

This would also ensure that no individual is allowed entry into an establishment when they might be carrying the possible symptoms of the virus. 

This, in addition to a touchless facial recognition system to facilitate a contactless check-in experience to visitors, is the answer to the alarming health and safety concerns at the workplace.

Prepare Your Workplace For A Full Return In 2021 With Digital Solutions 

Businesses are preparing to kick-start their 2021 with stacked-up safety. Many businesses are likely to come back to full employee strength by the end of the year. 

This means that we may be able to see a possible future that is back to what we call “normal”. However, the safer our practices, the sooner we would be able to reach that future. 

So, what businesses need to do is to invest in a reliable visitor management system that promises safety with convenience.

Make A Fresh Start In 2021 With Fidentity – A Touchless VMS

Fidentity is a contactless visitor management system designed for every kind of business. It doesn’t matter if your business is in a certain industry. All businesses need to up the ante when it comes to safety and provides a safe experience to all their visitors and employees.

Fidentity Visitor Management System Features & Integrations

Fidentity comes with many useful features and sleek integrations, which make the product not just effective, but also smart. 

Right from face mask detection, touchless check-in experience to host notifications, and temperature scanning to cloud-integrated reports and security alerts, Fidentity has got everything a business needs to function conveniently and safely.

Fidentity Features

  • Facial recognition
  • Face mask detection 
  • Temperature screening 
  • Attendance tracking 
  • Event management
  • Emergency evacuations 
  • E-badge allotment 
  • Employee directories

Explore More Features of Fidentity Visitor Management System

Fidentity VMS Integrations

  • G-Suite
  • Active Directory 
  • Azure 
  • Nexudus 
  • Slack 
  • Aruba 
  • Google Drive 
  • Dropbox 
  • One Drive 
  • Meetup 
  • Eventbrite 
  • Calendly 
  • Outlook
  • Google Calendar 
  • Webhooks 

Explore More Integrations of Fidentity VMS

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In Conclusion

Although businesses have the right intent to make their workplace safe for both employees and visitors, they are unsure of all the options available in the market. To find a one-point solution to a global problem is a time taking process. But the effort is worth it. Safety at the workplace is the single-most-important priority for all businesses at the moment.

 If you are a business owner who is looking for a reliable visitor management solution for your business, we appreciate your proactive approach towards creating a safe workplace and hope this read helped you find the right direction.