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How To Avoid Covid-19 After The Pandemic? 5 Ways To Protect Yourself At Workplace.

How To Avoid Covid-19 After The Pandemic? 5 Ways To Protect Yourself At Workplace.

Here are 5 easy ways to avoid contracting the coronavirus as the world emerges from a doom-like pandemic.

When the pandemic was at its peak during the early and mid-2020, every business was forced to operate remotely and delegate work from home provisions to their employees. 

Now, a few months later, everyone is thinking about going back to the workplace because vaccines are available. 

While that’s some good news, not much has changed for a lot of people. Some businesses have asked their employees to opt for remote work for an indefinite period because the future looks uncertain despite the availability of vaccines.

 To add more fuel to this never-ending process, the coronavirus is mutating and leaving behind new variant traces, which are resistant to the current vaccines

However, a vaccine on the rise is a subtle indication that maybe, just maybe, not everything is as gloomy as it seems. In fact, some businesses are preparing to get back to their workplace by the end of 2021. With the lockdown restrictions being further relaxed, everyone is in a good mood. 

Because yes! We get to restart our lives. Only this time, we all have to be more careful than ever.  

This brings us back to the subject of our blog today – how to protect ourselves from the virus? Is it possible to avoid contracting the virus completely? 

If yes, what are the ways? 

It Is Not Over (Yet)

A vaccine on the horizon does not mean that we can go back to living carefree. In fact, the virus is multiplying and mutating into new variants which are making it hard for medical experts to find one common solution for all. 

This is a cue for everyone to be more careful and practice physical distancing when out in public or when going back to the workplace. 

So, let’s understand the different ways to avoid contracting the virus when going back to the workplace.

Maintain Hygiene 

Apart from maintaining a safe distance, it is also important to maintain personal hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean. Remember that you’re more likely to contract the virus when you touch surfaces that are unclean (and possibly contaminated). 

If your workplace is located in a containment zone, it is essential to maintain personal hygiene and keeping your workplace clean all the time. 

If you are a business owner, schedule a commercial cleaning service before you ask your employees to come back to the workplace. Make sure that every corner of your office is sanitized and cleaned. This way, when your employees visit your office, they work in a safe and hygienic workplace.

Invest In Personal Protection Kits

A face mask is a mandatory safety protocol that everyone has to follow. When you see someone not wearing a face mask or if you see someone only partially wearing the face mask to cover their mouth but not their nose, then be sure to convey that they are putting everyone else at risk by not wearing the mask properly. 

If you are an employer, be sure to send out a simple email to all your employees and inform them that they will be denied entry into the building if they do not wear a safety mask. 

Some workplaces have even stricter rules and ask their employees to wear personal protective gear like bodysuits and face shields. This is an extreme protocol, which must be practiced by businesses that are located in containment zones. 

Invest In Visitor Management Systems

Employers put their establishments at risk if they do not have a digital visitor management system in place. A traditional paper-entry practice will put your security and front desk personnel at risk. However, a touchless visitor management system like Fidentity removes the very root cause of virus spread – the human touch. 

With Fidentity, your employees and visitors can check-in and check-out of your building with a digital e-badge (no need to use fingerprint-activated biometric scanners). The HD cameras and infrared sensors help detect face masks and elevated body temperatures on every visitor, helping you safeguard your premises at all times. Learn more about Fidentity here.

Follow Covid-19 Compliance Regulations

Business owners and employers also have to plan and organize their workspace. Most Covid-19 compliance regulatory bodies recommend organizing the seating arrangements in the workspace and managing the employee shifts for optimal safety. 

Establishing at least a 5 feet distance between every employee desk/office is ideal. 

If these regulations seem too complicated to follow or if your workplace requires a bunch of people to work together at once, it is best to opt to work from home or remote work for the time being.

It is simply unfair to put someone in a position where they have to risk their health and safety to get the job done in the middle of a pandemic. 

Here’s a checklist for corporate compliance.

Remember that nothing is more important than health and safety. It is also essential to note that businesses or employers that do not comply with these regulations are penalized and in extreme cases, the operational facilities are forced to shut down for noncompliance.

Avoid Crowded Spaces

Possible crowded spaces include offices, public transport, public bathrooms, business centers, shared co-work spaces, marketplaces, and other similar crowded scenarios. 

It is important to maintain physical distance at all times because the individuals that contract the virus can be asymptomatic for the first few days or even weeks.  

The best thing to do for now is to avoid these crowded places and thereby avoid contracting the virus. 

To say the least – we live in quite unprecedented times.

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