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How Does Fidentity Touchless Facial Recognition Feature Work?

Fidentity touchless employee attendance system

How Does Fidentity Touchless Facial Recognition Feature Work?

Have you ever thought about the number of people that have touched a tablet screen or a computer mouse before you? You wonder, when was the last time those employees disinfected those same surfaces? You could potentially be touching millions of viral particles in just one touch.

That’s why businesses are starting to keep up with these changes around us by moving to a touchless system. Businesses have started replacing touch-based systems in their workplace to provide their employees and visitors with a safe environment. 

One of these changes is incorporating facial recognition technology into your attendance management system. This creates a completely touchless system for your workplace and reduces the contamination from viruses on common surfaces.  

The Importance of Touchless Biometric Systems

COVID-19 cases have increased since the reopening of businesses. The majority of businesses require their employees to swipe-in to track their employee management. With the current circumstances, businesses must adapt to changes by implementing systems that create a touchless experience for both their employees and visitors to reduce exposure to viruses. 

Having a touchless system will prevent your employees and visitors from worrying about the health statuses of users that previously entered the office building. It also increases time efficiency since you won’t need to disinfect common surfaces as consistently.

Fidentity Touchless Facial Recognition Feature

Fidentity offers a touchless employee attendance system that makes it easy to monitor, record, and evaluate employee attendance. The employee attendance system includes a face mask detection feature, temperature screening, and facial recognition.

When an employee arrives at the entrance, a screen will scan their face to see if it matches an image that’s stored on file. If the scan is passed, the individual will be granted entry. If failed, they will be denied access. It will only allow entry to individuals with approval because it prevents employee’s IDs from being stolen or used by someone else.

This will not only provide a touchless clock-in process but also provide security and shorter waiting time. Employees won’t be stuck waiting in a line to swipe in or waiting for their turn to clock-out. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, businesses must implement features in their workplace that will benefit their employees and visitors. To limit the number of contact points in your office, implement a touchless employee attendance system.

Fidentity offers a touchless attendance system with multiple features like facial recognition, face mask detection, and temperature scanning. Try Fidentity for free to see how it creates a safe and comfortable environment for your employees.