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What Is A Visitor Management System? Does Your Business Need One?

What Is A Visitor Management System? Does Your Business Need One?

Let’s understand what a visitor management system is and why businesses are investing in these tech-driven platforms.

Remember back in the old days where you were asked to meet someone for a face-to-face interview? The company or the individual would send you a mail invite and request you to come to see them at their office. So, you would make your way to their office only for their security personnel to stop you from entering the building. 

Then you would show your mail invitation as a reference to the security staff and ask them to allow you entry into the establishment. The security guy would then call up someone from the company’s front desk and confirm if you have a scheduled meeting with them. 

Once confirmed, they would ask you to enter your name, phone number, address, and other information in their “visitor entries” register. 

After that, the security personnel would allow you into the building and you make your way to the company’s lobby for the scheduled interview. And the rest is history. 

We all had to experience this semi-awkward scenario at least once in our lives. And this process is the very subject of our blog today – Visitor Management Systems. 

Back in the early 2000s, this was the norm. Pretty much every business out there had a small team of security personnel who would stop the visitor, verify the visitor’s appointments, and note down their personal information in a paper book. 

With the evolution of technology and the power of the cloud, the visitor management operations got an overhaul and now the visitor operations have been streamlined to provide a seamless, tech-driven experience. 

So, more often than not, businesses incorporate visitor management systems not just as a security measure but also to provide a seamless experience to their visitors and employees. 

To put it simply; a visitor management system is a platform driven by technology. This platform allows the host (the business) to monitor, identify, and verify their incoming visitors and store the visitor’s data for later.

What Is The Purpose Of A Visitor Management System?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. A visitor management system “manages” the visitor data. It allows the host to quantify their visitors and helps them make important decisions that are driven by data.

Monitor Visitor Activity 

Businesses can monitor the activity of their visitors. This includes their check-in and check-out timestamps, the purpose of their visit, and more. Businesses can use this data to observe the activities of the visitor. In critical cases, this information comes in handy to identify the visitor or to track the visitor activity further.

Proof Of Visitor Activity 

Speaking of visitor activity, visitor management systems help businesses to keep a record of all the visitors and their activities at their establishments. 

For example, if you visit a commercial establishment that has a visitor management system in place, then the VMS will record some basic information about you, such as your name, your address, the purpose of your visit, your phone number, your check-in timestamp, your check-out timestamp, the name of the person whom you’re supposed to meet at this establishment, and your signature.

 Adds Extra Layer Of Security

Businesses do not keep this information to invade your privacy but to keep a record of your visit. Further, they are required to supply this information to legal or local authorities for security purposes (if requested by authorities). In criminal investigations, visitor information helps the investigating teams to find leads and clues. 

Visitor Management System In 2021 

Businesses in 2021 are far more advanced than they used to be a decade ago. Business owners are now exploring better tech-driven VMS platforms to provide a sleek check-in experience to their visitors. This way, the check-in experience would feel less tedious and more convenient. 

Visitor management systems are now more advanced and no longer require paper books or large computers to enter the visitor information or require the visitor to wait for a confirmation from the company’s staff. 

A simple (almost negligibly visible) smart device records the visitor impressions and saves the data on the cloud for secure access.

A Smart Shield Of Protection Against The Covid-19 Virus

As we all know by now, the Covid-19 virus transmits through the human touch. The fact that the virus survives on most surfaces for days is alarming and raises concerns for safety at workplaces. With the lockdown rules being relaxed around the world, business owners are more curious to explore safety compliance solutions. 

In a world where we all are used to touching things, there is a need to provide a contactless experience to visitors and employees who often have to visit several places throughout the day. 

Commercial establishments such as offices, grocery stores, supermarkets, business centers, shared co-work spaces, and more need a visitor management system. 

Stress on the word ‘need’ because safety is the ‘need’ of the hour. It’s not a convenience or an add-on.

Fidentity – The Future Of Visitor Management System 

Fidentity is a contactless visitor management system, which helps businesses to combat the issue of “human touch”. Its smart features such as touchless facial recognition, touchless temperature screening, facemask detection, and more provide a contactless or touchless check-in and check-out experience to visitors and employees.

 It’s not just a safety compliance tool. There’s more to Fidentity

You can virtually manage all your visitor operations from the comfort of your work desk, without having to worry about an unattended visitor or an emergency evacuation. 

What’s more? All your visitor or employee data is securely stored in the integration of your choice, helping you access the visitor data from any location, whenever you need it. 

Visitors no longer have to enter their information on paper books or wait in crowds for their turn to touch a bacteria-ridden fingerprint scanning device. They will simply stand in front of the facial recognition device, which would scan the visitor’s face and save the capture. 

As businesses are emerging from a global pandemic, it is paramount to ensure safety and reduce the complications of a potential virus outbreak within workplaces. The best part about Fidentity is that it does not break your savings. It’s an economical safety and security compliance platform, which effectively helps you optimize your visitor operations and navigate you through the post-pandemic world.