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Fidentity Seamlessly Integrates With Apps That You Use Everyday

Biometric Authentication Vs Identity Verification

Fidentity Seamlessly Integrates With Apps That You Use Everyday

Improve your organizational productivity and enhance your workplace safety with Fidentity – the touchless visitor management system of the future.

As more businesses are looking for smart alternatives to their traditional visitor management methods, Fidentity leads the way with its contactless visitor management system solutions. 

While Fidentity is a dynamic tool on its own, meaning that it caters to multiple problems that businesses come across. It is also a great tool to address organizational productivity issues, disruptions in workflow, and establishing a standard of front desk experience for your visitors and employees. 

It’s not the tangible nature of the product itself that makes Fidentity so awesome (while we do agree that its compact build and sleek design enhance the overall utility of the product). It’s also the small and big things within that make Fidentity one of the best solutions for visitor operations management.

Integrations are a key part of what makes Fidentity truly dynamic. Right from recording, identifying, interpreting, and communicating the data, these integrations help businesses to use Fidentity effectively. 

And the best part of it all? These integrations are used by businesses almost every day, making them easy to ‘integrate’ and start using the device from the get-go. 

So, without further ado, let’s quickly understand how each of these integrations adds value in delivering the experience that you have in mind.

Integrations for Directory Services 

  • G-Suite 

This workspace software is used by almost every business. You can integrate this tool with Fidentity to sync your data, groups, employee directory, and more. This way, each of your employees has a unique identity on Fidentity and they can access all the tools for a seamless clock-in and clock-out experience.  

  • Active Directory

With Fidentity’s single sign-on process, businesses can access the employee data and visitor data with just a single sign-in without having to enter the credentials over and over. Better yet, each employee is provided a unique identity for easier employee identification. Businesses can further use the employee or visitor data for analysis and internal communication. 

  • Azure Active Directory

This universal identity platform helps you to create one universal identity for each of your employees and this identity can be synced with Fidentity. Your Azure directories will be synced as well, helping you access any employee’s identity when you need it.


This co-work space management software helps businesses with managing data in multiple locations with a single admin panel.  When integrated with Fidentity, it helps you access all the employee information and visitor information from multiple locations with a single access point. 

Host Notifications 

  • Slack

A renowned business communication platform, when integrated with Fidentity, notifies you about all the visits and attendance of your employees and visitors. You receive host notifications directly from Slack when a new visitor shows up. 

  • Cisco Webex

A cloud communication platform that helps you communicate with visitors without having to grant them entry into the premises. Businesses that have high-security protocols in place can take advantage of the virtual video calling features of Webex. When integrated with Fidentity, businesses can virtually screen an incoming visitor before granting them entry.

Wi-Fi Sharing

  • Aruba

Aruba ClearPass – an enterprise networking and security solutions product, when integrated with Fidentity allows businesses to enable Wi-Fi service for their visitors. Visitors can easily access Wi-Fi with a universal password. However, the access can be configured and controlled for enhanced security and digital well being. 

  • Aero Hive

Ideal for medium and large-scale businesses, Aero Hive, when integrated with Fidentity, allows users to create wireless networks for the workplace, enabling both employees and visitors to access separate networks for added privacy and security.  


This centrally-managed cloud platform when integrated with Fidentity allows businesses to access their visitor data from anywhere. With a universal dashboard, you can access all your visitor and employee data from multiple locations in one place.  


A computer networking platform that facilitates wired and wireless enterprise networks for businesses. When integrated with Fidentity, businesses can assign or restrict the access to a private network to visitors.

File Sharing 

  • Google Drive

When you integrate your Google Drive with Fidentity, you can save and transfer your visitor recordings, time stamps, unique identifications, communications, data, and more to your Google Drive directly. You can further analyze and interpret the information to make informed decisions and boost your organizational productivity.

  • Box

This file-sharing, collaboration platform helps businesses to transfer the data to different users with restricted access, ensuring security and privacy. When integrated with Fidentity, users can store the visitor and employee data to the Box drive and create user access or restrict the data visibility for better security. 

  • Dropbox

This file hosting service when integrated with Fidentity helps businesses to create, store, and share their employee and visitor data. You can organize your data according to priority and collaborate with other users to analyze and report.

  • One Drive

One drive is a file storage and collaboration platform powered by Microsoft. When integrated with Fidentity, you can transfer or sync all the visitor and employee data directly to One Drive. You can further use One Drive’s tools to analyze, report, and interpret the data to make informed decisions. Once uploaded to the Drive, you can access the data from anywhere, anytime. 

  • DocuSign

Integrate DocuSign with Fidentity to create and encrypt important documents after they have been e-signed by the required parties. Some businesses need visitors to sign NDAs to keep the minutes of the meetings or interactions confidential. Fidentity will ask your visitors to e-sign the encrypted documents effortlessly and save them on any of your integrated cloud storage platforms.

Event Management Integrations  

  • Eventbrite 

This live event hosting platform allows businesses to organize and host live corporate events, such as conferences, annual meetings, all-hands meetings, networking events, and much more. When integrated with Fidentity, uninvited guests will be denied entry. Replace manual intervention and make your corporate events look and feel professional.

  • Meetup

A local community-building platform, Meetup helps businesses to organize and schedule events. When integrated with Fidentity, businesses can plan their events and notify their employees when an event has been scheduled for a certain date and time, ensuring that every one that is invited attends the said event. 

Calendar Integrations 

  • Calendly

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling application. When integrated with Fidentity, businesses can schedule meetings with visitors or employees and the application will notify all the attendees in the employee/visitor directory per schedule. 

  • Google Calendar

Similar to Calendly, businesses can schedule meetings and events online with Google Calendar. When integrated with Fidentity, users in the directories will be notified about the scheduled event. 

  • Outlook

Though primarily an email client, when integrated with Fidentity, Outlook helps businesses with task organization, event planning, note-taking, and journaling.

DIY Integrations 

  • Webhooks

Businesses often use webhooks to transfer data from one platform to another securely. Whenever a pre-defined event occurs, webhooks allow you to send data in real time from one application to another. When integrated with Fidentity, webhooks are a great alternative to data ‘syncing’, enabling you to record and track your employees and visitor activity. 

And that’s not all. You can integrate any of your in-house platforms or tools with Fidentity and get started. All you have to do is take our team through your product before you place an order. 

Modern businesses are always looking for smarter alternatives to traditional or outdated methods. When smart technology is facilitating convenience and making your overall job easy, why restrain?

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