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How Does Touchless Attendance Management Feature Work In Fidentity?

Touchless Attendance Management System

How Does Touchless Attendance Management Feature Work In Fidentity?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it is more important than ever to be able to enter the workplace with as few contact points as possible. Luckily, we have been hard at work to create a touchless attendance management system that will not only make your life easier but safer. 

This system has been augmented specifically to make attendance management easier than ever in a world plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Importance of a Touchless Attendance Management Software

According to the Washington Post, as of June 22nd, there have been 29 states that have had an increase in their seven-day average of COVID-19 cases.

This is deeply concerning new to receive as states continue to open up, and businesses begin to try and resume necessary in-person meetings. A touchless attendance system is a simple step that will let your employees check-in without fear. 

While cleaning surfaces that are communally used is important and a way to help prevent COVID-19, an area like an attendance terminal goes through a lot of use in a short period of time and maybe hard to consistently keep clean. 

Eliminating the need to clock-in through a touch-based communal system will not only lower the risk of corona virus spreading in your place of business, but it will also allow your employees to check-in faster.

There will be no more line to clock in or people gathered around the attendance machine waiting to clock out. A touchless attendance system is simply a cleaner and more time-efficient way to enter and exit the office.

When it comes to picking the right system for you, it is important to know that Fidentity is by far the best option. Not only does it allow your employees to clock in and out hands-free, but it also utilizes facial recognition.

Features of Fidentity’s Contactless Attendance Management

Facial Recognition

This revolutionary feature will make your business’ check-in process easier than it has ever been. The system will scan your face and then identify who is trying to enter the building.

This will keep your workplace safe by allowing you to only let in people who you want to. ID badges can be stolen or given to someone else, but facial recognition is much harder to fake or steal.

The system uses artificial intelligence to connect to the Fidentity database and match people to their pre-captured photos.

Clock-In and Out

Fidentity allows you to automatically clock in and out of your place of business. This process is entirely hands-free and happens as your face gets scanned. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to check-in and messing up your hours because the system will keep track of it for you. 

This can also work for visitors who come by appointment. All they have to do is submit a photo when they sign up to visit and they will be added to the system. 

The system can even scan for PPE to make sure everyone is wearing the correct equipment before entering your place of business. Face masks do not inhibit the system’s ability to identify individuals and will be able to know who they are without the need to remove their face mask.

This allows employees to stay safe while checking in and prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. 


This system not only helps you stay more organized while increasing your attendance management efficiency, it also helps keep your employees safer during a global pandemic.

Fidentity is offering the chance to see how this system works for yourself, and the best part? The demo is completely free. Schedule your demo with a live Fidentity representative that will walk you through the system and answer any questions you may have about the visitor management system. 

Use this link to schedule a demo and take a look for yourself and see how Fidentity could help support your workplace during these confusing and difficult times.