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Temperature Scanner Built in with Facial Recognition.

Precise Face recognition algorithm and infrared therml image technology FAST & PRECISE Detect High Temperature & Mask.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition feature offers organizations a way to verify who is entering the building during the check-in process.
Face Mask Detection
The High-Definition Infrared camera can identify and verify the presence of a personal protective equipment (face mask) on an employees’ face, even in low light conditions.
Temperature Screening
Thermal Temperature screening will allow business to monitor the temperature of visitors and employees as they enter the building.

5" & 7" Face Recognition Forehead Temperature Measuring Terminals

Zenscan Features

Thermometry Range: 34°c-42°c
Accuracy : ±0.3°c
Thermometry Time: ≤ 1s
Distance : 30-45cm (Matrix Forehead)
Embedded Linux OS
Living face detection & recognition
10000 face library, Voice broadcast
4G I WIFI I GPS optional
ID / IC card reader optional
Alarm Output / Wagen Output
Real-time temperature display, High temperature alarm.
Face recognition + temperature record can be checked.
Store no less than 10W records.
Support stranger id card verification pass.

Simple and Easy Deployment



Suitable for permanent staff which need to do attendance statistics,such as community, apartments, schools, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. It should be installed to the indoor or outdoor canopy environment.


Solution Value

Quick deployment: floor installation, electrical box, off-line testing.
Multi check methods :thermometry, recognization + thermometry, human check + thermometry.
Non-contact: up to 40 cm.
Record: single device can store 10 w records Information binding: face captured picture + temperature information real-time recording.
Support staff attendance management, flexible shift arrangement, attendance report automatically generated.