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Fidentity Visitor Management System

Introducing Fidentity Visitor Management System

Companies who receive guests often underutilised the golden opportunity to use reception as the place to both impress your guests and secure your business. They may use guest books, sign-in sheets, or a receptionist to document their guest’s information.

These are all examples of visitor management, used for decades it is simply the act of retaining and tracking the information of the coming and going of a company’s visitors. Whether the one receiving the visitors is the best receptionist in the world or a company has no receptionist at all. Fidentity Visitor Management System could be the key to helping secure companies while welcoming any guest who may walk through the door.


Why Visitor Management Systems?

With so many different types of visitors that might circulate through an organisation a busy office can quickly become chaotic, job interviewees, clients, business partners, family members, the list goes on and on. All of these individuals are there though for different reasons, to visit different hosts and to conduct their own specific business.


You may collect this information using the old-fashion paper method, however, the information may be useless if the handwriting is illegible. Complex paperwork can become time-consuming and after multiple visits could be annoyingly redundant for those who may frequent an office.




Fidentity Visitor Management System

Fidentity is the tool to solve these issues and is a visitor self-service tool branded with a company’s logo to provide that modern feeling an office’s reception needs to compete in the twenty-first century.


By allowing them to type their own information into the visitor management system any confusion about spelling or the threat of misunderstanding is nullified, once their information is imputed our visitor management system immediately digitally files a visitor log to the cloud with a timestamp.


Fidentity Host Notifications

A host is directly alerted of a visitor’s arrival through the host’s chosen platform, all of these tools make it easier for staff to provide their visitors with the attentiveness and create an excellent first impression that will last. And with the additional security features such as including document signing like the NDA form into the check-in process as well as issuing customizable visitor badges.


Fidentity Secured VMS

Fidentity Secured Visitor Management System encourages employees to take back the freedom of having an open work environment without worrying about their ideas and information being compromised by visitors walking and observing within the office.


Besides keeping a company’s information safe Fidentity also keeps a visitor’s information safe from wandering eyes. When using old-fashioned methods of collecting a guest’s information many have no idea what to do with it after it has been collected.


Keep it till the end of the month then shred it out to be lost forever? Box it away to collect dust? Take the time and man-hours to go through the signatures to save it to the computer? Fidentity automatically stores all visitor’s information securely on the cloud.


Fidentity keeps your visitor’s information under lock and key by protecting a visitor’s confidential information with 256-bit bank-grade security. As well as successfully completing an SSAE 19 Type II audit annually. Because a company’s clients and visitors should be kept as secure as its most private information.


Innovative Visitor Management Software

Fidentity is the innovative visitor management system that disrupts the market by continuously seeking out new ways that it can use technology to bring innovative features to its clients, such as futuristic facial recognition technology to recognize and remembering regular visitors.


Event Management

Event Management so records of large groups are easily retained and managed. Access Control for a guest to use technology to open the doors that they are supposed to while visiting a company without employee assistance. As well as Sex Offender Registry and Black Listed Visitors so that Fidentity users that are entrusted with the care of the youth have the tools available to protect those they had been trusted with.


Fidentity is the visitor management system that will help companies seize the golden opportunity of securing their front desk, welcoming their visitors, and protecting their information as well as their visitor.


Fidentity VMS Powered By Zenwork

Fidentity is brought to the market by Zenwork, a company that strives to make the newest and most modern software for the lowest possible cost. Zenwork has leveraged its cloud-based technology to provide solutions in multiple industries and has earned over 150,000 businesses’ trust by empowering them with their multiple software and has experienced over 377% growth over the past three years.

Fidentity is the virtual visitor management system to secure your business and improve your visitor’s experience. Try Fidentity For FREE.