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Touchless Employee Check-in

An Automated Employee Check-In system that grants businesses the ability to protect their business and safeguard their employees' health.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

AI-Based Touchless Facial Recognition System that allows employees to enter and exit from the office and also attendance records for sign-in and out.

Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

The High-Definition Infrared camera can identify and verify the presence of a personal protective equipment (face mask) on an employees’ face, even in low light conditions.

Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening

Fidentity instantly screens for potential elevated body temperature of employees using contactless AI-supported thermal cameras, allowing employers to then use medically-approved devices to confirm diagnosis and deny access to employees with fevers – reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

What we Offer

The Perfect Solution to Secure Your People & Workplace with Smart Employee Management System

COVID-19 Compliance
Fidentity, A world-class employee management system with Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, Temperature Scanning sensors with Artificial Intelligence. Protect your employees and minimize business risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cloud Management
Forget about unreliable spreadsheets. Fidentity is the simple software for managing employees. With cloud management, you can have everything you need for quick and easy access for employee management and maximum data security.
Attendance Management
Touch-based fingerprint biometric systems are the concerns amid COVID-19. Fidentity's AI-Based Touchless Facial Recognition System will record the employee attendance. It is also easy to configure and integrate with the pre-existing employee management systems.
Fidentity "talks" to your core business software. It exports data to the main payroll software and integrates with external software using the Fidentity API.
Reports & Export of Data
Fix all the spacing: Fidentity allows you to generate reports and export the information whenever you need it. Build detailed and customizable reports that help you make data-driven decisions by applying custom filters as per data requirement.
Hardware Devices
A simple and ready to use solution. Fidentity SMART devices can make the most of the employee management tool. Talk to an expert who can show you how Fidentity can help you in your specific situation.

Features that Preeminent

Modernize The Experience Of Your Employee Attendance System

Touchless Experience

Experience the Fidentity touchless biometric system. It is perfectly suited to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Modern Attendance Tracking

A modern AI-based employee attendance system that tracks check-in and check-out timing.

Cloud-based Employee Management

The complete cloud-based solution to manage employees in a smarter way. 100% safe and secure.

AI Driven Facial Recognition

Fidentity uses Artificial Intelligence driven facial recognition system to identify employees.

Face Mask Detection

Fidentity sensors verifies the presence of face masks and other protective equipment on the face of employees.

Temperature Scanning

Fidentity screens for potential elevated body temperature using contactless, reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

100K Images

Fidentity facial recognition system stores over 100,000 images ensuring that all employees and visitor’s information will be saved without incident.

HD Cameras

Fidentity uses high definition cameras with infrared feature, for induction and verification purposes.

How Does It Work?

Touchless Fidentity attendance management system makes it easy to monitor, record and evaluate employee attendance. The Fidentity facial recognition system with fever and face mask detection capabilities is a perfect solution to help reduce the spread of viruses in every access point, in any premises and public areas such as modern workplaces, hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, metro stations, and shops, etc. Thanks to instant and accurate detection of the body temperature, and the presence of a face mask, without the need for contact.

In the event of anomalous detection, a signal is emitted (acoustic and visual) and if the device is connected to an automated access gate (automatic door, turnstile or other) it can block its opening preventing the person from passing through. 

If you want to know more information, talk to an expert who can show you how Fidentity can help you in your specific situation. Schedule a personalized face-to-face meeting now.

Integrating with extant workflows

Integrate with any of your extant workflows to make employee management more effective.

To get notifications automatically whenever user data unauthenticated or visitor comes.
Active Directory
Active Directory from Microsoft allows organizations to utilize the Single Sign-On
G Suite Directory
To sync employees info automatically in to Fidentity
Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration helps manage your employees.
Aruba ClearPass integration gives you the ability to automatically provision for Wi-Fi.
Use webhooks to transfer your important data in real time.
We have so many visitors and audience sign in. Fidentity is a great experience for them as it makes them feel unique. The pre-registration feature helps us streamline the security process and minimise confusion.
At TCS, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment. The moment visitors step in through the door, seeing this modern check-in experience powered by Fidentity emphasises that.

Secure Your Workplace With Touchless Employee Attendance + Stay Out of COVID-19 Zone!