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Touchless Employee Check-In With AI-Powered Technology - Fidentity

Protect your employees, safeguard your work premises, and streamline your front desk accessibilities with Fidentity.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Fidentity is the future of automated employee check-in. This AI-powered Touchless Facial Recognition System detects your employee’s face each time they enter or exit the building and saves the ID.

Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

Face mask = more safety. Fidentity’s High-Definition Infrared Cameras identify and verify the presence of the personal protective equipment (face mask) on an employee’s face even in dim lighting setups.

Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening

Fidentity instantly screens the body temperature of your employees using contactless AI-supported thermal cameras and detects potential elevated body temperature. Employers can deny entry to the employees with COVID-19 symptoms.

What we Offer

The Smart Solution For A Smarter & Safer Workplace – Fidentity

COVID-19 Compliance
Protect your employees and minimize the spread of the Covid-19 strains at your workplace. Avoid disruption of workflow with Fidentity. Advantageous features, such as Touchless Temperature Scans, Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, and more help you amp up your workplace safety.
Cloud Management
Manual employee data tracking is a thing of the past. With Fidentity’s Cloud Management, you can record, monitor, track, identify and analyze your employee data easily. What’s more? Your data is always secure and you can access it at any time.
Attendance Management
Fingerprint biometric systems raise workplace safety concerns amid the global pandemic Covid-19. Do away with fingerprint verification with Fidentity's AI-Powered Touchless Facial Recognition System. Record the employee attendance safely without the traditional fingerprint verification methods.
Fidentity "talks" to your core business software. It exports data to the main payroll software and integrates with the external software using the Fidentity API. Fidentity is also easy to configure and integrate with any pre-existing employee management systems.
Reports & Export of Data
Analyze and interpret your employee and visitor data. Fidentity allows you to generate reports and export the data whenever you need it. Build detailed and customizable reports that help you make data-driven decisions by applying custom filters as per data requirements.
Hardware Devices
Connect any smart hardware device to Fidentity and make the most of this versatile employee management system. Our team can show you how Fidentity can help boost your organizational productivity, monitor employee behavior, and detect contact tracing easily.

Features that Preeminent

Delivering A Preeminent Experience To Employers & Employees

Touchless Experience

A touchless biometric system designed to offer contactless sign-ins. Minimize the risk of contacting the Covid-19 virus at your workplace and beyond.

Modern Attendance Tracking

AI-powered attendance tracking system to monitor and record the clock-in and clock-out time stamps of your employees.

Cloud-based Employee Management

Lifecycle cloud-powered solutions that help you manage your employees and their data smartly and securely.

AI Driven Facial Recognition

Identify your employees with Fidentity’s AI-driven facial recognition system. Approve entry to individuals after the system identifies the individual’s face from the directories.

Face Mask Detection

Pre-programmed sensors detect the presence of face masks and other personal protective equipment on individuals before they enter the building.

Temperature Scanning

Screen every employee entering the building for potential elevated body temperature using Fidentity’s Contactless Temperature Scan.

100K Images

Fidentity facial recognition system stores over 100,000 images ensuring that all employee and visitor information is saved without errors.

HD Cameras

Unique Infrared High-definition cameras capture, identify,