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Are Visitor Management Systems Worth The Hype?

Are Visitor Management Systems Worth The Hype?

What is it about visitor management systems that have the tech corps all rattled up?

Some businesses believe that they practically cannot function without a VMS, while others are not so stern about installing a VMS at their workplace. 

No matter who you side with, there is no denying that security concerns are at an all-time high for corps. But it’s not just about that. 

While security may be the surface-level factor for this sudden demand for VMS, several underlying factors are paving the way for a VMS wave in Silicon Valley.

So, let’s understand why giant corps and small businesses alike are looking at investing in visitor management systems and if these solutions really deserve the hype they receive.

Covid-19 Compliance 

The on-going global pandemic is one of the most fundamental reasons why businesses are pushing for a visitor management system at the workplace. 

Safety measures at the workplace, such as wearing safety gear, regular sanitization, maintaining physical distance, and more, are not easy to manage when most white-collar jobs and responsibilities revolve around human interaction and face-to-face communication. 

A Visitor management system would help balance these intricate elements by bringing in virtualization and touchless experiences to the workplace.


It’s 2021 and if things are not about convenience, then they are ignored as soon as they meet the eye. 

Apart from providing safety and security with AI-powered features, visitor management systems are also delivering the best first impression to every visitor – leaving no room for hassles. 

Visitor management systems such as Fidentity come with touchless check-in prompts, temperature scans, face ID recognition sensors, facemask detection sensors, and other in-built safety protocols translated into a seamless technology. 

And let’s not forget the ample room for branding and marketing that visitor management systems leave. 

Even though most visitor management systems are barely there for us to see, they are delivering an experience so good that when brands position themselves within that experience, they get recognized by visitors. 

When done right, subtle branding like this can do wonders.


Apart from the current Covid-19 safety practices, there is also a need for enhanced security and safety at the workplace. 

Women employees, graveyard shift employees, specially-abled employees, first-line workers, and more are considered when businesses plan on investing in a VMS

As businesses are looking at progressive ways to provide a better work environment to their employees and staff, a VMS seems like a must-have. 

A reliable VMS also helps businesses during emergencies and crises, such as fire accidents, workplace violence, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and more. 

All-the-more reasons for businesses to switch to a streamlined VMS.

Data Management

Let’s assume that a business center is located in a moderately busy city. The business center would easily observe at least 50-100 visitors every day. 

How many of these visitors would your front desk staff be able to identify on any given day? How many of these individuals visit the business center every day without a miss? How many of these visitors actually have a visitor’s pass

Questions like these can be easily addressed once you switch to tech-driven visitor management solutions

Visitor management systems are equipped with smart tools and sensors, which record the identities of every individual who visits a commercial space and records their activity along with timestamps. 

This data helps the administrators and security personnel to avert unwanted visitors and avoid problematic situations.  

Paving The Way – The VMS Wave 

According to a market study conducted by KBV Research, the global visitor management system market size is expected to reach $2 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 16.3% CAGR during the forecast period.  

The study also helps us understand that the demand for VMS took a sharp hike during the global pandemic and it’s not going to steep anytime soon. 

Better to have it and not need it, than need it but not have it – is the secret mantra for businesses that are looking at VMS solutions.

At the end of the day, when a piece of technology can help enhance human safety and workplace safety at the same time, what’s wrong with giving it a chance? 

So, to answer the question – are visitor management systems worth the hype?


If you’re looking for a reliable VMS solution, then give Fidentity Touchless Visitor Management a fair try.

It’s reasonably priced and delivers the promised – touchless experience combined with convenience, helping you focus on important tasks at the workplace while it takes care of your visitor, employee, and delivery operations. 

Interested in Fidentity? Sign up here and try it 14 days for free.

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