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How Visitor Management Systems Went From Being ‘Non-Essential’ to Indispensable In Just A Year’s Time

How Visitor Management Systems Went From Being ‘Non-Essential’ to Indispensable In Just A Year’s Time

Visitor management systems are playing a powerful role in fostering the modern-day workplace interactions and visitor operations.

Once upon a time, businesses had security personnel and front desk staff to screen and monitor the individuals who came to visit. Fast forward a few years, businesses have now switched to systemic regulatory compliance – streamlined visitor management systems.

But today, a VMS is not just a technical replacement of a “visitor entries” paper book. It has many shoes to fill and many responsibilities, which must be translated and effectively incorporated through seamless technology. 

A visitor management system needs to address more than just a security breach. It has to deliver a convenient experience. 

Because what’s the point of investing thousands of dollars on something that’s not even convenient, to begin with? 

So, today, I want to take you through the importance of a visitor management system at the workplace.  

We’re living in times where the human touch is a thing of the past and the soft cotton-like fabric material shields our face and identities are hidden behind the personal protection gear. 

Touched a surface that was touched by others in public? Good luck, because you just might have touched the breeding bed of the deadly coronavirus and its never-ending variables.

When touching a small surface can bring havoc to our health, and compromise our quality of life, it is worthy to pay attention to the seriousness of the situation. And this is one of the reasons why businesses were asked to hold their operations for a while. 

Some businesses, the blessed ones, however, had the opportunity to operate virtually and so they leveraged that opportunity by ordering their employees to work from home. 

But what about businesses that rely on non-virtual interactions? Healthcare, hospitality, travel, personal care, and other similar industries observed huge losses at the beginning of the pandemic (and continue to struggle), forcing many businesses to shut down permanently. 

It’s in times like this technology seems like a beacon of hope. It’s giving us a second chance to focus on the bright side and make the best of it. 

Are these solutions really the solutions we need?

Let’s find out.  

Enhancing Workplace Safety & Security

 It’s no secret that visitor management systems come with advanced security enhancements and in-built features, which make monitoring visitor activities simple. Many emerging VMS solutions offer touchless experiences, enabling covid-19 compliance and regulation. 

Apart from the basic security and safety check-points, cloud-powered VMS solutions ascertain in visitor data logs and management, helping businesses with organizational decision making.

Streamlining Visitor Data

There are several steps involved when it comes to delivering a seamless experience to a visitor. Right from verified check-in procedures, assigning rights and accessibilities, assigning visitor passes, and recording their activities to saving the data for later use. 

There is data involved in every step of an individual’s visit, and businesses have to keep tabs on these visitors without prying on them. 

An AI-powered VMS can easily help businesses with recording this data and saving it for the future while delivering a seamless and convenient check-in and check-out experience to the visitor.

Delivering Hands-Free Experience

A good VMS helps businesses in the post-pandemic world by enabling a hands-free check-in experience while still complying with the safety regulations. 

Advantageous features, such as touchless check-in, hands-free temperature scanning, e-badge assignment, and facial mask detection help businesses ensure that every visitor is complying with the safety regulations.

 Further, businesses can stop any visitor from entering the premises if they do not comply with the precautionary measures.

Keeping Security Breaches At Bay 

Every individual visits a commercial establishment with a purpose. While most visitors use your premises for work and other regular activities, there may be someone who may be involved in illegal or unlawful activities at the workplace. 

Ignoring such instances or not having enough evidence to vouch for such instances can cost businesses on the higher end. The goodwill and the reputation your business or entity has earned through the years will be dismantled overnight if not instantly. 

By keeping a record of your visitors and their activities, you are helping your administrative and security management teams to be aware of your visitors, their identities, background, the purpose of visits, and the frequency of visits, all of which are intricate yet essential when making data-backed decisions to enhance the safety of the organization.

Boosting Employee Productivity

When you, as an organization, enable a seamless check-in and check-out experience, and a safety-first touchless experience at that, your employees have less to worry about and focus on the purpose of their visit – work. 

By delivering a safe employee check-in experience, you are taking the right steps towards establishing a safe work environment for your employees. 

A safer work environment results in confident employees, which in turn, results in improved employee productivity.

Reviewing Visitor Profiles In Real-Time

A reliable visitor management system like Fidentity helps you review your visitor’s logs, such as check-in and check-out timestamps, property and network accessibilities, e-badge assignments, error status reports, entry-point health profiles, and much more in real time. 

This helps your security and admin teams to allow or deny access to visitors when “something is not right”.

Steering Away From Crises & Emergencies 

Apart from equipping businesses with fundamental safety and security accessibilities and controls, an AI-powered VMS also provides priority service to businesses in crises and emergencies. 

Reliable VMS solutions like Fidentity provide evacuation notifications to businesses before or during emergencies, and provide a foolproof exit strategy, removing the hassle and reducing panic. 

Introducing Fidentity – A Touchless Visitor Operations Management System

If you don’t already know, businesses are switching to the cloud-powered Visitor, Employee, and Delivery management solutions offered by Fidentity

Fidentity is a streamlined visitor operations management system powered by artificial intelligence and cloud technology. Businesses emerging from the global pandemic are leveraging its streamlined approach to regulatory compliance.

Fidentity delivers touchless experiences to businesses with its touchless check-in accessibilities, face-mask detection, facial recognition, hands-free temperature screening, attendance tracking, data management, and other smart features. 

Explore Fidentity’s Features 

It can be easily integrated with some of the most commonly-used accessibilities and tools, such as G-Suite, Slack, Aruba, DropBox, Eventbrite, Calendly, Outlook, and more. 

Explore Fidentity’s Integrations 

If you’re interested in Fidentity, you can sign up for free to get a 13-day free trial. 

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What are your thoughts on a VMS? 

Do you think businesses really need to transition to a touchless VMS? 

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