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Fidentity – A Secure, Touchless Visitor Management System

Busting Myths Around Facial Recognition

Fidentity – A Secure, Touchless Visitor Management System

A touchless visitor management system to secure your workplace in light of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

As businesses prepare to get back to work, bidding bye to the work-from-home life, there is an undeniable need for enhanced safety and security at the workplace. 

When more people start to visit offices, commercial establishments, and of course, corporate offices and business centers, it is essential to pay attention to the virus and stop it in its tracks before it could enter your premises. 

Because any trace of the Covid-19 virus at workplace = disruption of business operations – a disaster that even the most financially-viable companies can’t afford.

This need for safety, combined with the desire for convenient solutions, brings us to the subject of our discussion today – Fidentity.

What’s Fidentity?

To put it simply, Fidentity is a cloud-powered visitor management system designed to meet the safety and security needs of a business. Its user-friendly integrations, interface, touchless experience, and other features make it one of the best visitor and employee management solutions available in the market today.

What Fidentity Can Do For Your Business

Facial Recognition 

Fidentity’s AI-powered sensors help recognize the live faces of visitors and the supporting integrations will record and save the data for later use and interpretation. Its touchless facial recognition sensors help businesses in identifying the unique faces of the visitors without paper entries or manual signatures. 

Touchless Temperature Screening 

Many businesses screen individuals for body temperature before providing entry into a building. While the intent is right, the approach could be enhanced with Fidentity.

Instead of putting security personnel at risk, businesses can install Fidentity for their front desk, which would take away the manual intervention for temperature screening and other safety checks. 

Fidentity further helps businesses comply with the safety measures and protocols issued by the authorities. You can set the default temperature on the device. If the sensors detect the temperature to be higher than the accepted limit, the system would instantly alert your security and admin personnel, helping you address the issue and making an informed decision.

Mask Detection 

There is no debate on this one. When someone, who could be potentially carrying the virus, enters into an establishment without wearing a mask, they are putting everyone in that establishment at risk. 

Hence, most businesses are strict about wearing a mask and have warning signs on display. However, not everyone can be monitored manually. 

Fidentity helps you detect if an individual entering your establishment is wearing a mask. If the sensors do not detect the mask, the system will deny entry to that person and would further provide the reason for the blocked entry. It would also instantly notify you about the interaction for you to review the case individually.

Contactless Sign In 

When someone visits your establishment to meet you, they are usually required to enter their details in a physical book or provide the details to your security personnel. This traditional paper entry process usually results in delay, waiting, and frustration.

Further, if this visitor is approaching your establishment for the first time without any prior notice or if your security personnel is not informed of a scheduled meeting with this person, the visitor will be denied entry per protocol. This results in awkward or frustrating situations. 

Fidentity helps you schedule meetings with your visitors and allows them entry per the scheduled protocol. General visitors, employees, and other personnel can also enter the establishment with contactless sign-in features. 

Visitors can simply scan the QR code on the Fidentity device with their mobile devices. Returning visitors can enter the establishment after the device scans their faces. This way, both your first-time and returning visitors are given a hassle-free entry experience, helping you establish your first impression effortlessly.

Mobile Access

Speaking of mobile devices, Fidentity can be accessed through your mobile device. Once Fidentity has been installed at your establishment, your employees can download the Fidentity mobile app and check into your establishment just by scanning the QR displayed on the front desk device. Further, employees can track their clock-in and clock-out timestamps easily on the Fidentity mobile app.

Emergency Alerts 

Fidentity alerts you when there is an emergency in your establishment. Once your admin confirms that there is a potential threat in the establishment, be it fire or other forms of emergency, Fidentity will alert everyone in the establishment.  It also provides the necessary tips and exit strategy to help you exit the establishment safely until further help arrives. When you have an exit strategy in place, you can avoid mishaps, panic, and save time.

Cloud Integrations

Fidentity is powered by AI and cloud technology. This means that you can record, save, and analyze your visitor data as and when needed. You can integrate your in-house applications or ‘Fidentity-friendly’ integrations to receive timely notifications, alerts, and updates. 

Further, you can use these integrations to analyze the data and make data-backed decisions regarding your front desk operations and organizational security. 

The best part about these integrations is that you do not have to manually enter any data. The Fidentity system automatically records and saves the information in its cloud drive and you can download and prepare reports for convenience.

Does Your Business Need Fidentity? 

If You Have A Lot Of Employees

If you have a lot of employees coming into your establishment or if you share a co-work space with another business that has a lot of employees coming in, it’s probably best to work out a plan to install Fidentity at your workplace. This helps you minimize the risk of contracting the fatal virus and identify the individuals who may carry the virus.

If You Get A Lot Of Visitors

If your business tends to get a lot of visitors or if you share your office space with a business that gets a lot of visitors, it is recommended to have a safety compliance tool like Fidentity at your workplace.

Fidentity will screen the individuals before they step into your office for high temperature with its touchless temperature screening technology, and identify the individuals that are entering the premises without wearing a personal protection gear (mask and/or bodysuit). 

This way, you can focus on important tasks while Fidentity ensures safety.

If You Receive A Lot Of Deliveries 

Provide a contactless delivery experience to your employees. If your establishment tends to receive a lot of deliveries or packages or mail, having Fidentity installed at your front desk will come in handy. 

Fidentity will scan the employee’s name from the package label and scans the employee database for the employee’s name and designated identification number. 

Fidentity notifies your employee via email or other integrated communication platforms, and they can pick up the delivery once they make themselves available. 

This way your business operations are not interrupted and your employees do not have to check with the front desk multiple times for possible arrival of the delivery.  

Apart from the above key features and benefits, Fidentity has a lot more to offer.

How To Get Fidentity For Your Business? 

If you want to get a demo or want to learn more about what Fidentity can offer, you can get in touch with our team. We will be happy to guide you through the product, its usage, and placing the order. 

Alternatively, you can sign up to Fidentity and select the product that you want to be installed at your establishment. 

Check out our pricing plans and choose one that best fits your utility and budget. 

Once you’ve placed the order, your Fidentity device will be delivered to you by our team within two weeks’ time. 

Our installation team will set up the device and give you a live demo. If you need further help after the installation, you can get live chat support from the bottom right corner of Fidentity’s official portal.