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How To Determine If Your Workplace Needs A VMS

How To Determine If Your Workplace Needs A VMS

Here are quick and easy ways to determine if your workplace needs a visitor management system.

In 2020, all everyone wanted to do was to get back to their “normal” lives. Waking up early, grabbing a cup of latte on the way to work, and actually going to work.

However, 2020 had other plans for us.  The alarming rate at which the Covid-19 positive cases shot up caused everyone to panic. Governments around the world declared lockdowns and advised businesses to opt to operate remotely to avoid contracting the virus.

  Then 2021 started with a little bit of a relief. A vaccine for the virus seemed like the green card we all needed to get out again and start living as “usual”. 

Despite the vaccine availability, there’s still a long way to go before we get back to our “normal” life – if at all. 

On a second note, this constant back-and-forth on safety concerns made us all pay attention to the workplace safety scenario. 

What if businesses were to get back to work as usual? How would that scenario turn out?

Should businesses be worrying about their workplace safety in light of the pandemic? Should business owners be open to investing in visitor management systems for enhanced security and safety? 

Let’s find out. 

What is a visitor management system?

To begin with, let’s understand the basics here. A visitor management system is a series of security and safety protocols, which identify, record, and store visitor data at a commercial establishment. A visitor management system is most likely to be used by commercial spaces that observe a lot of visitor activity.

Should your business invest in a visitor management software?

Since the lockdown rules have been relaxed in most countries, businesses have the opportunity to explore smarter approaches to visitor and employee management. With safety concerns on the rise, businesses want to up their safety to avoid virus outbreaks within the workplace. 

 So, yes. You should get a VMS for your workplace if any of the following scenarios apply to your business.

You should get a VMS if:

You operate in a shared co-work space

If your business operates in a shared co-work space or a business center, then you are more likely to be around crowds. Lots of visitors, staff, employees, and individuals walk in and out of the establishment raising safety concerns in light of the virus outbreak. 

Given that the initial symptoms are practically invisible to the naked eye, it is wise to be safer. Additionally, a VMS would also help you keep a track of your visitor activity. 

A lot of people visit your establishment  

If your building or workspace observes a lot of visitors, then you would benefit from a VMS because it helps you log all the visitor activity in one place, helping you cross-check the logs during critical scenarios. 

Additionally, it would also help you understand your visitor operations on a ground level. You will have enough data to make informed decisions about your visitor operations.

You want to provide a smoother check-in experience to your visitors

There is no denying that most visitor management systems available in the market provide a seamless check-in experience. Some businesses even get a VMS just to provide a great front desk experience to their visitors.

 It helps set a benchmark and promotes the experience that companies aim to deliver. With branding configurations, a VMS also boosts brand visibility.

You want to up your security and safety at the workplace

This is one of the main reasons why businesses want a VMS installed at their workplace. A VMS, in addition to providing a great experience to the visitors, also helps the host (the business) to monitor and store the visitor logs and activity.

Businesses get to monitor who visits their establishment and observe the time each visitor spends at their establishment. Additionally, businesses also record the identifications of every visitor, helping them track the visitor for security purposes or if required by the local authorities for any on-going investigations. 

Businesses can further deny entry to uninvited or unwanted visitors with a powerful and automated VMS.

Avoid virus outbreak at the workplace with a VMS

As the world emerges from the pandemic, the most important thing on everyone’s mind should be just one thing – safety. 

With contactless visitor management systems like Fidentity helping businesses deliver a touchless check-in and check-out experience to their visitors, more and more businesses are open to exploring these safety-first (yet stylish) VMS solutions.

Regardless of your establishment getting a lot of visitors, it’s a good idea to comply with the Covid-19 regulations and measures advised by the local authorities. However, a VMS is a great way to minimize human touch at the workplace, which further improves workplace safety and adds an extra layer of security. 

What do you think?