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Fidentity Features

Key features for a Visitor Management System

Facial Recognition

Fidentity uses Artificial Intelligence driven facial recognition system to identify employees.

Face Mask Detection

Fidentity sensors verifies the presence of face masks and if not it wont allow check-in.

Temperature Screening

Fidentity’s AI-based infrared sensor cameras instantly detect the body temperature of employees

Attendance Tracking

A modern AI-based employee attendance system that tracks check-in and check-out timing.


A visitors information will be pre-loaded into the fields for them to confirm once their visitor pass number is input into the system

Host Notifications

Choose how you are notified when visitor arrive. Through SMS Test Message, Email, or through an integrated service.

Event Management

Invite people to a single event and receive a guest registry all at once with a few clicks.

Customer Support

We are here to help you get up and going, as well as overcome any obsticles along the way, send us a message to let us know how you may require assistance.

Branding & Customizations

Have a dashboard that is customised to look like your own company’s colors and branding

Emergency Evacuations

Keep your visitors as safe as your employees if an emergency occurs. Send alert messages as required

Package Delivery

Easily manage package delivery without any wrong delivery with proper flow.


e badges for visitors during the initial sign-in process will give based on required limited access.

Cloud Based Visitor Management

A VMS is a software designed to create a personalised experience for visitors while tracking visitor information and sorting it on the cloud meanwhile also providing an extra level of security to the business

Integrated Reports

Integrated reporting feature allows users and administrators to generate real-time reports of visitor information. Creating extra layer of security.

Employee Directory

Employee Directory feature allow users to upload their Employee Directory directly to the system, also allowing the administrator to select specific roles for each person.

Mobile Apps ( Android & iOS)

Mobile Apps allow users to use an app on a Tablet or iPad to sign in through the system instead of a large Kiosk

Document Signing

Ensure that your ideas and business stay protected when visitors sign legal documents during sign-in.

Visitor Authentication

Clients will no longer have to worry about who is coming through the door. By requiring a two-part authentication. We verify who is at your front desk.

Guest Wi-Fi

Guests no longer have to ask their host for the Wi-Fi information once checked in. This feature clarifies which network for the visitors to use and what the credentials are.