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Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System

Fidentity Employee Management System

Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System

You’re back to work, but things are certainly looking different than before the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether you’re working from home half of the time or you’ve transitioned back into a socially-distanced workspace, it is still vital that you stay safe in the workplace. How do you most effectively accomplish workplace safety in a world ravaged by a new virus that restricts so much of what we find familiar? We suggest Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System.

The Importance of Touchless Employee Management System

It is a no-brainer that limiting surface contact should be a priority in the midst of this pandemic. This might sound difficult, but this is more plausible than you might think. One of the most touched surfaces in your workplace is your entrance, so this should be one of your first priorities when it comes to converting to touchless. 

Imagine the ease of a visitor check-in experience that is entirely touchless. Before the COVID outbreak, that would have been quite the treat to leave a lasting impression on your visitors; now, a touchless visitor check-in just falls short of a necessity. With Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System, you can put your visitors at ease without the worry of contamination while checking in. 

Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System

The Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System is constantly being updated to meet your organization’s needs during these trying times. There are several features to the system that make it the safest way to greet your guests, and those include Touchless Attendance Management, AI-based Facial Recognition, and Timesheet Management.

Features of Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System

-> Touchless Attendance Management

The Touchless Attendance Management feature keeps additional surfaces from the possibility of contamination. This can be used both for employees and visitors; with the ability to check-in without contact, your workplace just got safer. 

-> AI-based Facial Recognition

AI-based Facial Recognition is an easy way to identify who is entering your building. The database can store up to 10,000 face templates.

-> Timesheet Management

Keep track of your employees with ease using the Timesheet Management feature. You can monitor employee timesheets 24/7, and approval is required.

How Does Fidentity Employee Management System Work?

The Fidentity Employee Management System is a management asset that streamlines the attendance check-in process. With minimal contact points, your organization stays safe and secure while your employees are accounted for as soon as they enter the building. 

Fidentity Employee Management System Integrations

Fidentity is easy to introduce into your daily operations with the ability to integrate with several different software. Some integrations you might find useful are Kisi, Slack, G-Suite, and many more! Now, your employees will have no trouble adjusting to Fidentity. 

Fidentity Employee Management System Hardware Device (Zenscan)

Fidentity’s Employee Management System Hardware, Zenscan, brings all of the features together to create a safe and touchless user check-in experience. Dual sensors and the speaker attached to the screen display allows for quick and easy interaction between software and user. 

Why is the Fidentity Employee Management System best in the market?

Fidentity Employee Management System is the leading product of its kind because of the features it provides. The COVID outbreak has made safety more important than ever, and Zenwork certainly prioritized visitor and employee safety when designing the Fidentity Employee Management System. Not only will you be safe with Fidentity, but productivity will surge with an efficient check-in and out. Employees and visitors will have peace of mind knowing that they are working in a safe and secure environment. 


Fidentity sounds pretty hard to resist now, right? To test things out first, though, schedule a free demo at