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The Tool You Can Use to Stay at Visitor Capacity

The Tool You Can Use to Stay at Visitor Capacity

The Tool You Can Use to Stay at Visitor Capacity – Have you ever waited for an elevator so long, but when it finally came, it was completely packed? Even though it’s clearly full, you think to yourself, “I’m sure one more person won’t make a difference” and decide to hop on. But as soon as the doors shut, you regret your decision.

The entire time down, you’re telling yourself, “Man, this is a tight squeeze. If we fall, it’s definitely my fault. Should have just waited for the next one.” That’s because everything has a limit, and sometimes these limits are more sensitive than others. The same logic applies to our current situation of facing COVID-19. Businesses are having to adapt to limits, like capacity control, to avoid any risks.

With all the changes happening in the world due to COVID-19, businesses are setting standards to get back to the normal ways of living. If you’ve been to a grocery store recently, you’ve probably already seen one of the ways businesses are running operations now: they’re setting capacity limits to control the human flow inside.

To do this, most businesses are placing an employee by the entrance to count how many people are in the building. Once it’s at full capacity, consumers form a line and enter as others leave. However, not all businesses choose to spare an employee to oversee this task. These businesses can use a Visitor Management System, like Fidentity, to limit their capacity flow. `

Impact of COVID-19 on Capacity 

Businesses have had to implement many adjustments to their workplace to continue providing services while promoting safety. Businesses have had to make changes like: 

  • Spending more time cleaning and disinfecting
  • Limiting work hours
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Becoming touchless
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

An impact these restrictions might have on businesses is limiting occupant capacity in their workplace. This means controlling how many people there are in the building at all times. You’ve seen this at places like restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, retail stores, churches, and shopping malls.

Just like these everyday businesses, other companies will have to use the same tactic to reopen. If businesses want to start providing services through the office again, they’ll have to take precautions and follow legal standards. By controlling the number capacity, it will maintain the safety of all employees and visitors. 

Measuring Capacity 

Visitor capacity is the maximum number that can be accommodated in an area. It helps managers maintain the desired conditions in their business and achieve a long-term foundation. Based on the size of your office, calculate the number of people that could be accommodated inside.

When calculating the number, take into consideration the amount of space needed to follow health restrictions like social distancing. Also, calculate how many employees will already be inside to form an understanding of how many visitors will be allowed without going over the capacity limit. Once you come to a decision, implement ways to manage the number of people inside. 

Managing Capacity 

To control the number of occupants inside, businesses can use tools like Fidentity. A Visitor Management System, like Fidentity, keeps track of all visitors that have signed in. It’ll store all visitors’ information and show who has checked in to provide an extra layer of security.

If there’s a receptionist, this feature will help manage how many visitors are inside the office and stay within the capacity limit. Once a visitor has checked out, another visitor will be able to enter. 


We realize everyone is going through unexpected, tough times right now, so it can be difficult to implement these decisions for business operations.

But, to continue offering exponential services to our consumers and to avoid any regrets, like getting on that elevator, it’s best to follow some guidelines during these rapidly changing situations. With the use of Fidentity, we will be on the fast path to the good old days.