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What Features make the Best Visitor Management System?


What Features make the Best Visitor Management System?

When it comes to making a long-term investment, like buying a car, you don’t want to settle for something that will just get you from A to B. You’re looking for the vehicle that will give you the highest-quality experience for the best value. This same principle applies to choose a Visitor Management System (VMS). When you are looking for a system to improve your business, you want something that will provide you with the highest quality and efficiency. 

Best Visitor Management Software Features

A car needs more than just four wheels and an engine, and your VMS needs more than just the basics, too. Here are some features that you’ll find in a great VMS.

  • Cloud-Based
  • Touchless Check In With QR
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Temperature Screening
  • Pre-Registration
  • Host Notifications
  • Badge Printing
  • Event Management
  • Customer support
  • Branding and Customizations
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Package Delivery                                       
  • Integrated Reports
  • Employee Directory
  • Mobile Apps
  • Document Signing
  • Visitor Authorization
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Usage

Essential System Features to Look for in a Visitor Management Systems

A car’s interior is as important as what you see on the outside, just like the system features of a Visitor Management Software are important to its overall function.

  1. Cloud-Based Visitor Management: What’s better than a software that logs and stores guest information in an easily accessible, non-intrusive place? Cloud-based Visitor Management reduces clutter and saves space and time.
  1. Touchless Visitor Check-In With QR Code: COVID-19 compliance touchless Visitor Management System With QR code scanner is the perfect solution to secure your people & workplace.
  1. Face Mask Detection: AI-based high definition infrared cameras can identify and verify the presence of personal protective equipment (face mask) on an visitor’s face even in low light conditions. 
  1. Temperature Screening:  Fidentity instantly detects the body temperature of visitors using AI-based infrared sensor cameras without the need for contact. The detection of feverish states is a perfect solution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19  in the workplace.
  1. Pre-Registration: This feature allows employees to have any necessary documents to be sent to visitors, such as an NDA, Survey, or Assessments, prior to the visit.  You can save both parties time and get more done during the visit.
  1. Host Notifications: When visitors arrive and check-in through the VMS, the host will be notified of their visitor and provided with the guest’s name and a current picture. This allows the host to be notified about their visitor without any disruptions. 
  1. Custom Integrations: A VMS strongly relies on how easily it can integrate applications already active in a company’s operational ecosystem, so this feature is really important. Employees will learn the software more quickly because it uses platforms they already use.
  1. Event Management: The Events Management feature allows VMS users to create and send out customized event invitations and assist with the event reception check-in and check-out process. This means you won’t need as many people working on minor details at your event.
  1. Integrated Reporting: A VMS should have a reporting feature that allows users and administrators to download real-time reports of visitor information. This keeps track of useful information so you don’t have to.

Standard Features When Choosing a Smart Visitor Management Solution

Whether you prefer Ford or Chevy, there are some things everyone wants in a car. In a VMS, high-level features give you more bang for your buck.

  1. Easy Set-up and Installation: Who wants to wait weeks to see results from your investment? With this feature, you can start seeing the system’s benefits immediately. 
  1. Easy to Use: Clear directions cut down on confusion. Now, anyone who comes into your office will quickly understand how to use the system.
  1. Minimal Maintenance: A VMS handles important tasks and information, so you don’t want a system that is constantly breaking down. This allows more work to be done with fewer interruptions.
  1. Affordable Pricing: A VMS should provide value at a reasonable price. Lower prices allow for your company to grow and thrive quicker. 
  1. Multi-Location Support: Have more than one location? This feature helps businesses maintain consistent practices. 
  1. Great Customer Support: When you need help with a product, customer support is your go-to. Friendly and attentive customer support will make a bad day better and get your business back to running at its most efficient.

Security Features of a Top Visitor Management System

A car is useless if you can’t lock it and keep it secure. If your VMS can’t keep your personal information secure, it isn’t doing you any good.

  1. Visitor Authentication: Makes sure you know exactly who is entering and leaving your building. This will offer visitors and employees a safe and secure environment. 
  1. Document Signing: Visitors are required to sign legal documents during check-in. This will protect the company’s information and ideas. 
  1. Badge Printing: It’s important to identify visitors upon arrival. Badge printing helps provide a safe and comfortable work environment. 
  1. Guest Wi-Fi: Some systems are equipped with a separate Wi-Fi network for visitors. Your visitors will have easy access to an internet connection without you having to give out company passwords. 

Advanced Features in a Digital Visitor Management Software

In winter, it’s cold. Why wouldn’t you want seat warmers for your car? Advanced VMS features add the most value for your business. 

  1. Branding & Customizations: The software system should be recognizable as yours, shouldn’t it? This feature allows you to change the VMS dashboard to meet your needs. Now, your visitors will keep seeing your brand.
  1. Emergency Evacuations: This feature sends messages to alert you of any emergencies or safety issues. Employees and visitors will both be safer.
  1. Employee Directory: An employee directory will keep your employees and Visitor Management System in sync. This makes for a more organized system.
  1. Package Delivery: Packages sent to your office will be accounted for and organized for easy pickup. When your packages are being monitored, lost packages are a thing of the past.
  1. Mobile Apps (Android & iOS): Mobile access allows you to control your Visitor Management system from anywhere. This saves time and effort.

Why is Fidentity the Best Visitor Management System?

So, when it comes to picking a VMS, you’ve got a lot to consider. Not only will you get all of the above features with Fidentity, you get excellent quality. It provides an easy and smooth touchless check-in process and is always innovating with new integrations and features. 

Fidentity integrates with Active Directory, G-suite, Slack, and many other software tools. This unique advantage makes using Fidentity easy since you may already be familiar with some of the integrated platforms. 

Fidentity’s VMS will make your business more efficient, safe, and organized. When you choose Fidentity, you get the highest-quality experience for the best value. 

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