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How COVID-19 Impacting The Digital Transformation At Workplaces

COVID-19 Driving Digital Transformation

How COVID-19 Impacting The Digital Transformation At Workplaces

COVID 19 is not the first pandemic the world has had to face. Social distancing and quarantine were both tactics that were implemented during the previous pandemic of 1918. However, while the current global infrastructure makes it easier for the virus to spread, today’s technology makes it easier to overcome the challenges of social distancing. 

Technology like zoom, slack, and more have allowed both for employees to work from home. While technology like Fidentity has allowed for a safer re-entry to the workplace. This pandemic has pushed everyone into a digital age. Although many companies were already working on transforming their company for the digital age the pandemic has caused an uptick in the speed of businesses incorporating technology.

Businesses have been forced to adapt and make themselves viable in the pandemic or flounder without technological support. According to Smarp, 84% of companies believe that for their business to perform it is crucial to digitally transform and only 3% say they already have adapted to technology.  Below are some ways that the workplace is digitally transforming in response to COVID-19.

1) Online meetings

Many businesses have embraced having meetings online. Instead of having Webex, Zoom, or Skype as the back-up, it has now become the preference. Companies are investing in such products and training employees on how to properly use the software. This can also allow for a more flexible work schedule as it is easier to pop onto a 30-minute video conference than it is to make it all the way to the office.

2) Better internal communications

Being able to send out mass group messages and keeping everyone in the loop has become incredibly important. Fidentity can send out messages to everyone in the group if necessary, making it easy for everyone to be on the same page. Slack is something that many companies have been utilizing for day to day communication.

3) Maintaining productivity

Another thing companies are doing to embrace digital technology is utilizing software systems that track and report employees productivity. These systems help keep employees honest and ensure that employees have a reason to stay focused even without a physical manager checking in on their work.

4) Safely returning to work

When it comes to returning to work it is imperative that you have a system in place that can help you stay up to date with the latest safety recommendations. There is no system better than Fidentity, Fidentity can use facial recognition to take a person’s temperature, see if they have a mask, and automatically clock them in for work. Fidentity is not only a visitor management system, but also a COVID ready tool that will help you keep your workers and visitors safe.

With the confusion of COVID-19 causing everyone to adapt to an ever-changing environment and set of rules it is important to have good technology backing up your company. From online meetings to returning to the office for the first time in potentially months it is incredibly important to have a good visitor management system like Fidentity backing up you and your company. While it was known that the age of digital transformation was coming COVID has truly launched businesses into a whole new realm of technological integration.

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