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Creating a Safe and Hygienic Workplace for Employees During COVID-19

Creating a Safe and Hygienic Workplace for Employees

Creating a Safe and Hygienic Workplace for Employees During COVID-19

Times have changed, and businesses have to make changes to protect the health of their employees. We can no longer go to happy hours and have morning meetings. Instead, we have to maintain a 6 feet distance and have morning Zoom meetings. Follow this guide to ensure your employees are safe and see how you can use Fidentity to make that happen.

Educate Your Employees

To get everyone on the same page and debunk any false information, it’s important to inform your employees about common COVID-19 knowledge. These can be things like: types of precautions to take, common symptoms, new changes in the office, etc. Communicating this information can be done through virtual meetings, email, SMS text messages, or fliers placed around the office. 

Sanitizing and Disinfecting 

Place hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and other disinfecting products around the office to remind employees and visitors to use them as much as possible. Placing signs around the office could also remind employees to disinfect often. Employees should also be encouraged to clean their workstation and common surfaces before leaving for the day.

Touchless Technology

One way to reduce your chances of touching a surface that was previously touched by someone who was contaminated is through a touchless system. With Fidentity, you can replace touch screens with touchless technology. Fidentity allows visitors to check in with zero contact by using features like facial recognition to limit the surfaces they have to touch.

Protective Gear

Provide employees with proper PPE to ensure they wear them. Encourage the use of face masks every time employees leave their workstation. The CDC also recommends installing transparent shields and physical barriers between personal workstations and public areas to divide employees and visitors.

Face Mask Detection and Temperature Screening

Fidentity’s Zenscan offers features like face mask detection and temperature screenings to provide employees a safe environment during these times. Fidentity will detect when a person is or isn’t wearing a face mask when they enter the office. If a person doesn’t have a face mask on, they will be refused entry. Fidentity can also run a touchless temperature screening to ensure they aren’t running a fever or showing symptoms. 

Fidentity Touchless Visitor Management System

At Zenwork, we care about the safety of your employees. That’s why we’re constantly implementing new features to meet the needs of your business. Following this simple guide will create a safe and hygienic workplace for all your employees. Taking these small steps now will lead to a long term positive impact on your business. Start implementing these changes today! Get a free demo now.!