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Facial Recognition To Play Key Role In A Post COVID-19 World

Biometric Authentication Vs Identity Verification

Facial Recognition To Play Key Role In A Post COVID-19 World

Do you ever wonder what the first step to a successful and productive day at work is? Here’s the secret: show up. Seems easy, right? Well, showing up to work looks a little different now after the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to stay safe, you are probably considering a lot of changes for your workplace. Facial recognition might just need to be one of those changes. 

Facial Recognition

Recently, companies have been upgrading their attendance management tools to go touchless. Because of how easily COVID is spread through contact on surfaces, this has been a rapidly expanding method of checking in. This is not the first appearance of facial recognition replacing older, more traditional methods of checking in. In fact, in airports, the use of touchless screening is being adapted at checkpoints like baggage drops and gate check-ins. This will most likely become the norm as the world is reopening after the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

Biometric Technology 

Facial recognition is not the only technology that might start to be more common, though. Other forms of biometric scanning, like iris recognition, are likely to become more popular as the world is transitioning away from high contact point check-ins. This means that things like fingerprint scanning will become a thing of the past. 

Biometrics: Controversial?

Be warned, though: it might be a little bit rougher of a transition to these new forms of technology than you might think. Although it is the safest way to check guests or users in and out, the widespread use of biometric technology is somewhat controversial because of privacy violations. There are currently a few laws that discourage the frequent use of biometric technology, one of those being the New York SHIELD Act, which includes biometric technology in its definition of private information. 

Several other laws like this have been amended in recent years for a similar end product as biometric technology became more popular. However, that was before the COVID-19 outbreak made business owners across the globe reconsider how many touchpoints their office really had. Experts don’t think that this is the last we will see of the Coronavirus, though. It is widely believed among health officials that another outbreak is not only possible but likely. Reference.


So, you have a lot to think about as you start to go back to work. However, it is certainly safer to transition to touchless in any way that you can. A touchless option to consider is Fidentity Touchless Employee Management System and its brother, Fidentity Employee Management System Hardware Device, Zenscan. These products minimize contact for employees and visitors alike when checking it. It’s efficient and safe, and that’s exactly what you need in a post-COVID world. Try a free demo today.