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Best Practices to Maximize the Effectiveness of Facial Recognition Biometric

Facial Recognition Biometrics

Best Practices to Maximize the Effectiveness of Facial Recognition Biometric

A lot has been changing in the world because of the coronavirus outbreak, and more changes are likely in the future. This pattern of change is slowly extending to the way you allow people into your building: facial recognition entry methods. This might seem like something from a box office sci-fi film, but it is becoming more of a reality with the need to go touchless to combat the coronavirus.

You can’t just transition to this technology blindly, though; there are some important steps to follow in order to provide your customers and employees with a comfortable change. Those are:

Be clear on privacy

It is important that you are transparent about how you will be using the saved images of their face. First, describe how the technology works: their face is scanned to collect a precise measurement that will be compared to future scans, and identity is only verified with faces of matching proportions. Next, disclose if their facial data will be used for anything besides identity verification upon entry in the future. After this, you should describe security measures to protect this user information.

This clarification should be easily accessible via an online privacy policy or something to that extent. Communicate to your users where this information can be found. Updating of these policies should occur when needed.

Provide notice to users

Inform users before and after information is initially captured. Tell the user that their face will be stored and for what purposes it might be used after. You should also notify users when privacy policies or terms of use are updated when it concerns their information.

Users must provide consent

When applicable, companies should obtain consent from users before their data is initially captured, whether this information will be stored or used frequently. The Federal Trade Commission suggests consent be expressed before the information is obtained in at least two specific situations: if the company is either using user data to identify an anonymous image that is otherwise unrecognizable or using data for purposes besides those that were previously provided.

However, even if the circumstances are not one of the two above, it is always best to obtain consent from users before this type of information is collected.

Users should sign a written release

Similar to user consent, signing a written release gives the company permission to obtain this information from customers. The user should sign this written release in acknowledgement of a couple of things: they have read through the user agreement, the terms of use, and everything the customer is consenting to.

It is important that this written release is stored safely in the case that a lawsuit is brought against the company in regard to the use of facial recognition software and stored data.

Information security

Not to sound like a broken record, but you need to store this information safely in order to not break customer confidentiality. This type of information is very sensitive, so you need to make sure that it is safe and secure. Note that facial recognition information should be stored separately from other customer information.

Security software should be updated regularly to protect from viruses or theft. Appropriate disposal procedures should be implemented for the case that a customer wants their information deleted and will no longer be using the technology.

Clearly, you have a lot to consider when it comes to preparing your office for biometric facial scanning, but the decision of which software to use is easy: pick Fidentity. Fidentity Visitor Management System will provide an easy transition to facial scanning, and it will help streamline many other aspects of visitor management: form signing, scheduling, employee notifications, and much more. Follow the link to start a free trial.