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Digital Transformation is Now a Must for Accounting Firms

Digital Transformation is Must For Accounting Firms

Digital Transformation is Now a Must for Accounting Firms

It’s impossible to go to any store, website, or public area without seeing a list of COVID-19 rules and how that place is dealing with the new situation we all find ourselves in.  Accounting firms are no different. It’s very important in an appointment-based business that your business can adapt to new technology to further your business.

Fidentity Visitor Management System

Luckily, Fidentity has the exact tools needed to help digitally streamline your accounting business.  With customers and employees coming in and out of your business it becomes a logistical nightmare to keep track of everyone’s temperature and when people are in the office. However, with a visitor management system, you can identify who someone is, see if they are wearing a mask, and check their temperature all remotely. Fidentity is the best visitor management system on the market and is equipped to help your business digitally transform. 

Fidentity can automatically check-in employees and recognize them through their mask with facial recognition software. When visitors arrive the system can automatically notify them allowing the visitor to be greeted promptly. The system can also recognize visitors if they uploaded a photo of themselves when they made their appointment. There is also an option for visitors and employees to check-in through their mobile devices. 

Fidentity VMS For Accounting Firms (e-NDA & e-Engagement Letters)

With a business that often involves customer interaction and appointment being able to handle this through digital means allows for less person to person contact and potentially shared surfaces. Many forms like NDA’s and Engagement letters can be signed electronically before a visitor even arrives or electronically at your place of business helping streamline filing and eliminating shared surfaces. Fidentity is truly the full coverage tool to help deal with the current pandemic. Get 14 days FREE trial now.!