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Streamline e-NDA and e-Engagement Letter Process with Touchless Customer, and
Employee Management System

We're here to help you securely get your paperwork done digitally and accurately.


A suite of applications and
integrations for automating and
streamlining the e-Engagement
letter and e-NDA documents.

Electronic Document Signing
Send , sign and succeed with document e-Signing.
Streamline e-Engagement Letter & e-NDA
Automate agreement workflows and management
Document generation and negotiation
Streamline agreement generation, review and approval.
Agreement Analytics & Reports
Use our custom reporting to analyze by document concepts.

What we Offer

The perfect solution to Secure your site and your customers.

Pre Registration
Easy to send out customer pre-registration to upcoming customers and make easy check-in for approved customers.
Document Signing
Ensure that your ideas and business stay protected when visitors sign legal documents during sing-in
Appointment Management
Employees and Administrators should have the ability to manage and schedule appointments from any location.

Collect required signatures before visit

If require that your customers sign legal documents, agree to location policies, or any other documents meanwhile, Fidentity will support all types of documents.

Paperless e-document Signing
Make document signing also part of the check-in process. So customers can save time while check-in at your place.
Easy to Store and Retrieve
Fidentity stores every signed e-NDA document and share across preferred file sharing application based on integration.
Customize for any policy
Document signing is not only for NDAs. We have customize feature to meet your compliance needs.

What you Get

Benefits of streamlining of e-NDA Documents and e-Engagement Letters Online.

Time Saving
We can save lot of time when e-NDA document and e-engagement letters used online, customer can review the documents and sign before they reach your site.
Cost Saving
When streamlining e-NDA document and e-engagement letters it will reduce the cost of paper documentation.
e-NDA documents and e-Engagement letters signed by customers before they reach your site and verified before appointment approved.
Streamlining e-NDA documents and e-Engagement letters will improve work efficiency.

Ready to Support your Accounting Business by Streamlining e-NDA Documents and e-Engagement letters processing online.

Book a Free demo with us today and know how Fidentity enhances your workflow.

Easy & Secure integrations

Fidentity seamlessly integrates with the apps that you use on a daily basis. Integrate Fidentity to Slack, Google Hangout, Active Directory and more for a streamlined, multi-channel experience without compromising your privacy and security.

We have so many visitors and audience sign in. Fidentity is a great experience for them as it makes them feel unique. The pre-registration feature helps us streamline the security process and minimise confusion.
At TCS, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment. The moment visitors step in through the door, seeing this modern check-in experience powered by Fidentity emphasises that.

Secure Your Workplace With Touchless Employee Attendance + Stay Out of COVID-19 Zone!