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The Best Visitor Management System

There is a lot to be considered when deciding on a Visitor Management System. The Best Visitor Management Systems promote top-of-the-line safety compliance while providing the best visitor experience possible for both the company and visitors alike.

Benefits Of A Visitor Management System

Make a better first impression
Visitor Management Systems allow companies to create an exclusive check in process that highlights the company mission and vision; meanwhile, speeding up the check-in process that leaves visitors with an amazing first impression.
Improve office productivity
A Visitor Management System will eliminate the constant interruptions to the receptionist when they are working diligently. When visitors utilize a Visitor Management System to sign-in they reduce the interruptions within the office because the only person being notified is the host.
Enhance Security & Compliance
A visitor management system is the simplest and least invasive way to beef up your company’s lobby security. With a Visitor Management System you will have a record of your visitors and who they are visiting that includes photos, company, roles and contact information
Meet complex compliance needs
Information compliance, security, and privacy is an increasingly important aspect of today’s business. A good Visitor Management System will allow your business to adhere to Global and US Federal government compliance regulations such as GDPR, ITAR, C-TPAT, and FSMA.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Visitor Management System

Faster & Easy Visitor Check-in Experience

A Visitor Management System should provide businesses a way to streamline the check-in process so that it accentuates the mission and goals of the organization without creating an impediment to the everyday workflow.

Capture Visitor Pictures

A great Visitor Management System will utilize technology to capture visitors pictures during the check-in process. These images will be included to the messages sent to the host, saved in the system, and also attached to visitor badges.

Badge Printing

Visitor badges help security and employees to visually differentiate from visitors meanwhile displaying important visitor information on a customized badge.

Host Notifications

The system should provide multiple avenues to send out Host Notifications such as SMS Text Message, Email, or in a communication channel such as Slack.

Easy Pre-registration

A good VMS allows employees to send out pre-registration visitor passes to upcoming visitors to streamline the check-in process and also allows them to review any legal documents prior to arrival

Appointment Scheduling and Management

Employees and Administrators should have the ability to manage and schedule appointments from any location.

Custom Integrations

A Visitor Management System relies strongly on how easily it can integrate applications already active in a company’s operational ecosystem. The system should be able to effortlessly capture data and push it to the digital partners’ software.

Data Encryption & Security

A well designed Visitor Management System will keep you protected with the highest grade of security available.

Real Time Dashboard

A Visitor Management System will keep all the current and previous data analytics available at the push of a button.

Manage Multiple Locations

All Visitor Management Systems should allow businesses to manage visitors at various locations without issues.

Emergency Notifications

A well thought out Visitor Management System allows companies to send out emergency notifications and evacuation plans keeping the employees and visitor alike, safe and sound.

Custom Branding and Theme

All Visitor Management Systems should allow a company to rebrand the system to look and feel as if the VMS is like the companies own software product.

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