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Adoption of Contactless Biometrics Technology

Adoption of Contactless Biometrics Technology

Adoption of Contactless Biometrics Technology

As the pandemic continues, it’s becoming clear that business practices need to change to get where they were before this all started. Anything your business can offer to make clients and visitors feel more comfortable during this time can work in your favor. Unfortunately, implementing all these changes is easier said than done. That’s why we upgraded Fidentity’s features to help your workplace adapt to the challenges of COVID-19.

Contactless Technology Is More Important Now Than Ever Before With The Corona Virus Pandemic

Touch screens have become commonplace in workspaces. Many companies have a touch screen kiosk located near the office entrance so that visitors can check-in and out. As we navigate our way through this global pandemic, Visitor Management Systems (VMS) that use touch screens are becoming counterproductive. This technology is supposed to give visitors a simple, easy welcome into your space, not make them fear for their safety.

Businesses Need To Restructure Their Choice Of Technology

As you are modifying your office to give your employees a smooth transition to working in the office again, modify your choice of technology. Sure, you could put disinfecting wipes on a table next to your touch screen and ask users to wipe it down when they’re done, but that will get old pretty fast. Upgrade to contactless technology.

Adoption of Contactless Biometrics Technology To Survive During And Post COVID-19 Era

It isn’t a reach to assume that this pandemic will affect us even after we’ve all gotten the vaccine. People will still carry hand sanitizer with them everywhere they go and some might not be ready to shake hands with strangers for quite some time.

Those who haven’t recovered mentally from quarantine will appreciate a visitor experience that doesn’t require them to touch anything. When things have gone back to normal, if they go back to normal, this technology will still be valid. Contactless technology is more efficient and it will prevent the spread of sickness during cold and flu season.

What To Look For In Contactless Biometrics Technology

Identity: Look for a system that can identify the user without them having to touch the kiosk  to make the check-in and check-out processes simple. Fidentity uses facial recognition software and ID card scanning.

Security: Don’t sacrifice security for efficiency. Make sure the system uses a high grade of security to keep private information safe. Fidentity uses the highest grade of security available.

Adaptability: Look for a system with a wide range of features that you can adapt to fit your needs. Fidentity is constantly adding new features to enhance the user experience.

The Benefits of Contactless Biometrics Technology

Every system has different benefits. Fidentity can benefit your company in a number of ways. All contactless biometrics technology minimizes virus exposure in the visitor experience.

Fidentity provides a quick and easy check-in process. Our system allows visitors to pre-register by filling out all of their check-in information and signing any necessary documents through our iOS app before they arrive.

The system is advanced and customizable. Our facial recognition software can identify an individual even if they have a mask on. We also offer a temperature screening feature to prevent anyone from coming in with a fever. Customers can choose not to grant access to anyone with a high temperature or anyone who arrives without a mask.

Fidentity Contactless Employee, Visitor, and Delivery Management System

If you’re in the market for contactless biometrics technology, Fidentity is the way to go. Along with our VMS, we offer Employee Management and Delivery Management systems. Our Employee Management System allows employee clock-in and clock-out, facial recognition, and temperature scanning, just like the VMS.

The Delivery Management System helps you keep track of your deliveries. When a package arrives at the front desk, it goes into the system and sends a notification to the employee it belongs to so they know that their delivery has arrived.


The world is changing quickly; we know that your company is working hard to keep up. That’s why Fidentity is changing with you. As you move toward a touchless visitor management experience, upgrade to Fidentity.